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September 13, 2016

Learning to love yourself.

A few weeks ago I got contacted by an amazing brand to show their products, basically sponsoring me to wear their clothing.
I was a bit surprised.


We are in contact with a few children’s brands who want my beautiful daughter to wear their items, but that girl is beautiful, me in the other hand I’m super conscious and I would even say I lack self confidence to do such a thing.
  I talked to my husband about it and decided to do it!
I followed through with the message and let it be, thinking that they were not going to send me anything.
Little did I know that a week later I received their item. Insert the cute emoji shock face!
Their product fit like a glove, it was amazing and the fabric is super silky, but I’ll leave the actual review for another post.
As I looked for ways to style it and wear I started to feel better about the opportunity I was given. Took the pictures, but I critiqued them up and down.

They were, and are good quality pictures and are beautiful but I didn’t feel confident enough to show them.


I can even go on and tell you my exact thought when I saw them. “I’m not a fashion blogger, nor even close to being my girl Laura who can wear a trash bag and look amazing doing so”
One thing that comes with being a blogger is posting selfies and outfit pictures.
I knew this the day I decided to start this and I was opened to new the new things this adventure would bring, but when the time came I failed to do so.
 A few days passed and as I looked at my daughter and her confident self, I looked at how much she feels and looks as beautiful as ever, I know I biased, and for a second thought about this.
Do I want to give her this example? Is this what I want to show her about her body? She has many of my genes and do I really want to pass my insecurities on to her. Even at an early age they see us. They copy our every move, our every action, and I don’t ever want her to feel insecure about anything.
This is something that as women we go through and we battle it from being a teen to adulthood, and is something that I may not put an end today but I want to do it little by little and step by step.

I want to feel good about who I am and feel confident enough to post a so called selfie and an outfit I loved.

I want to be me, and my true self ,is self conscious but I don’t want to lack of confidence to defy me. To stop me, to suppress all that I can be and then I had my “aha” moment.
The God of the heavens, the creator of everything beautiful created me, simple and plain old me.
He created me beautiful.
He called me His and as my faith leads me to believe He made me beautiful.

Today I invite you today to show yourself, your true you, to take that picture, to wear that outfit or do whatever it may be that has been holding you back

Think of that little person that looks up to you. Think about our creator we are his special work. So YES you are beautiful and so am I.
So go show it off. Show God’s work.
August 30, 2016

Tutu Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday Gals!
Almost September are you guys ready?!
Today I’m liking up with my favorite girl Laura with her Tuesday Trendy Spin Link up with a free day.

Over the weekend we had our marriage Cowboy dinner and were in charge of some of the decorations so it was a busy weekend to say the least, but weekends like these are my favorite.
We also had to dress the part, so we put our boots on and got our horse out. Contrary to popular belief not all people in Texas have horse so a Honda full of hay will have to do!


For the important part, the outfit..
I found this tutu skirt at Rue 21 and paired it with a chambray shirt and brown boots!
It was a great evening and a very late night but every marriage was blessed and that’s what matters.
 And of course a picture of the sexiest cowboy in the west!  
I will be sharing a bit more about our love for marriages in another post!
August 23, 2016

Stripes and More

Hey Guys happy Tuesday!
Today we are linking  up to one of my favorite bloggers Laura from Walking Memphis in Highheels.
Todays theme is STRIPES!!
Yes, the classic piece and something we particularly love, but since this weekend was such a rush for us there was no time for me, the mama, to do my hair with a 17 month old running around the restroom and “wanting” to play with toilet water so our first link up will be featuring the star of this blog Bella.
Dress is no longer available (Gymboree)  / Shoes / headband
Next week’s theme is Free Day so I may join my little fashion diva for this one. 
This little girl has more style in one inch of her little body than me in my 5ft body!
Of course our Lambie had to make it in to the shot since she is with us everywhere we go.
I’m in love with her dress, and the fact that it has a pretty cut out in the back makes it even better in our icky summer weather.
Forgive the wet stain on her dress. We are still in the stage that is enamored by watching the milk come out of her bottle.
Also, I bought some fall essentials.
2 tanks in dark gray and dark pink and a blanket scarf.