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October 13, 2016

Making a house a home series

 Buying our very first home was a very special process, one that had its ups and down but I believe God gave us the best home about 5 years ago!

The thing is that, as much as we love our house, our neighborhood and our area have changed so much. When we first bought our house our area was just land. There was really nothing around us. Our nearest store was about 25-30 minutes which worked good for us. We have a hospital down the road literally 7 minutes, we measured it a few times during my pregnancy. So in our minds we had it all.
No traffic but close enough to get help if need.

Fast forward 5 years.
We have a baby which means that every once in a blue moon we run out of milk and 25-30 minutes is a pain. I sometimes also ignore don’t see that I’m low on gas and the nearest gas station is quite a bit of travel.
On top of that a highway was built a few miles off our house so traffic has increased alot. Not to mention that fact that more stores, gas stations and homes have been built.

Where am I going with this you ask?

To the sad truth that I’m not feeling our house any more.
A house that we picked every single thing for, the cabinets, floors and even location. As much as I love how spacious our house is  I found a few problems with the actual setup.
Now, I also feel that the house is a bit outdated from our taste today.
But guys, I feel a little ungrateful just even writing this but is the truth.

So Lester and I talked about it and after a few hours and coffee cups we decided that the best for us at the moment was staying in our house.
 I’m not a numbers person but thank God Lester is and this made us look at the investments we have made in our house and even more the list price of our house and the benefit of waiting few more years…again the fact that our community is growing at a fast pace.

Which bring me to the topic of this post!
My condition to staying in the house longer was to change it a bit and since my hubby is big on DIY he quickly said yes!

Nothing too drastic… really, just updating to our new taste.

What’s our new taste? Farmhouse feel.
I just love the warmth and rustic look of it.

Can we take up a sec and thank Joanna and Chip Gaines for showing us how to live! If you haven’t watched HGTV’s Fixer Upper you are in for a rude awaking and will end up wanting to change your whole house!

So I invite you to not only watch Fixer Upper but to stick around as we start the Making our house a home series!
We will inlcude lots of DIYs and before and after pictures!

And just because my posts are not mine without pictures here are a few that inspire us!

sThis simple DIY Sign for Fall can be made in minutes and is perfect for anyone's…:
Are you a farmhouse style lover? If so these 23 Rustic Farmhouse Decor Ideas will make your day! Check these out for lots of Inspiration!!!:
September 16, 2016

Old Navy Toddler Sale

Did you hear?! Fall is coming and thats next week.
Around here we love fall. Everything that comes with fall, the weather, the clothes, the activities, and the sales! If you love Gap and Old Navy as much as we do you better run to check out everything the have. Most of their toddler items are half off. Yes, you read right half off.
Let’s check out some sale items that we are loving! When we shop for Bella we usually buy one regular price item that we can mix and match with many of the ones on sale, but with this sale there is really no need except a dress or two for church. 
Check out the yellow leggings and the white button up shirt with the blue sweater on top :)….
Hope you enjoy this sale!

toddler outfits