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August 16, 2016

Weekend Recap and celebrating our guy!

Well it Tuesday but…. Let’s say its Monday!
We had a busy weekend and the 3.5 hours of sleep Sunday night was just the tip of the iceberg.
Don’t know if it was the teething and the fact that allergens are super bad in Texas now, hence my voice being gone for more than a week, but we made it to Tuesday!

Getting back to the weekend, it was daddy’s birthday and man did we have fun!
  We love this man so much and he makes our life so much better.   
We are super BLESSED to call him ours!
He is older and wiser and definitely the love of our lives.
On Saturday we ran some errands and of course we had to get coffee while we looked for daddy’s gift. He ended up changing his mind about what he wanted, so we looked for something else!

 That night we had my in-laws over for a fun birthday dinner and for the first time ever no cake baking on my part! Husband wanted a cheesecake for COSTCO!
A first in our house! 

Sunday (his actual birth day) morning we had big plans of going to the water park and spending some time with some friends but the weather had other things in mind! It rained and rained so we went out to eat breakfast with the family and did some more shopping! Our kind of fun!!

All in all we had fun and enjoyed spending some time with our guy!
He will be having surgery this Friday so this time was amazing. I can’t believe that I met him 10 years ago and he is even more handsome now!
We love you daddy and can’t wait to spend more years with you!