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April 24, 2017

Why her 2nd Birthday is harder

My baby is now two!
I say my baby because she will always be my baby
I remember the moment I found out I was pregnant as I jumped around in the bathroom by myself as I wanted to be more than sure before telling Lester.

I remember that feeling of hearing her heartbeat for the first time and seeing her on the screen. I remember calling her my sweet pea.

So many prayers came true the moment I held her in my hands and I’m so blessed to be her mom, and I mean really blessed.
But, I have to be honest, I cried every day on her birth week.

Most of the time happy tears but other, many others, were really sad tears.
Tears that wished I could have my little 6.5 lbs baby back.
I know it sounds horrible and ungrateful, but it’s truly how I felt and feel sometimes.

I’m terrified of the moment I’ll want to kiss her in public and she’ll be embarrassed and I know it will happen because I was once there with my own mom.

Just last week I asked her if she wanted me to carry her and she responded with “hand mama”.

Don’t get me wrong I completely understand that she has to grow up and I enjoy our conversations, her little saying and how she mimics everything we say and do but it’s so bittersweet.

The selfish person in me want to hold her forever, keep her little and avoid at all cost anything and everyone that can hurt her, but the mom in me can’t wait to see her grow up, enjoy life and see her develop in life.

And that’s why two has been harder than one. When she was turned one we were still breastfeeding, she was walking already but preferred to be carried, she still fit perfectly on my hip and chest. Now she is longer, heavier and oh so much bigger.

I now have a full force toddler with personality and a whole lot of attitude.

Now she tells me what she wants and doesn’t want. Now she just wants to grow up. She just wants to be like us and my heart rejoices as I see my little girl learn, and want to achieve so much. She is the smartest little girl I know and as much I wish I could keep her little I’m in love and cant wait to see who she will be one day! All that she will accomplish and all the work God will do in her life.

January 20, 2017

22 months of Bella

My sweet Bella is 2 months away from being 2 years old and I cant get over it.

She has brighten our life in such a way! 
After being married for 5 years having our sweet pea, as we use to call her before we knew she was a girl, has really made life so much sweeter!

This girl is the definition of happy. She always has a smile on. She is wild at heart. She wants to do things her way and has alway been so independent.  Loves to say thank you and please. Cracks us up with the things she comes up.  She is the cleanest yet messiest girl in the world. She hates messy food situations. Hoping we can actually have a cake smash this year. Last year she HATED it! She hates having her hair brushed or when we dry her hair.

Still, to this day, loses her voice when she laughs. Loves to sit and color but using only pens.
She is a stuff animal lover.
Has become a great mama. Has to have a blankie for her babies at all time.
Rocks them, signs to them and even kisses them to sleep, like we do to her.
Loves to praise God and always always says AMEN when we pray. 
Loves to eat french fries, insert embarrassed mom!
Can count to 8 and always skips 4. 🙂
Thinks every meat is chicken.
In love with her Christmas present, Rocco.
She figured out where everyone lives somehow, even though her carseat is facing backwards. When we got to the places we visit recent, before we get her out or even open the door she knows where we are at and says the name of the person.

Loves to say she has to go pee but never does.
Everything that hurts or bothers her is an itsy bitsy spider. Even buggies. She says “mama itsy bitsy spider in nariz, nose.
Speaks Spanish and English and understand both.
She loves books. 
And can make you laugh even when making trouble! :))

We received a pair of Freshly Picked moccs and they have quickly become her favorite pair of shoes. Just this weekend she wore them twice. Yes, two days straight!

As a mom, what I love about them is the fact that I can match them up with anything and they are comfortable enough that she requests them multiple times. And honestly what more can a mama ask?!

We ordered the Rose Gold in a size 5 which was a bit big, but girlfriend has chunky feet so we usually order up one or two sizes and 5 was perfect.

Here is how we styled them up this weekend…

Daddy giving Bella kisses

I promise she was happy, she has just woken up.

I love the color, and since Valentine’s day is coming up I can stop thinking about all the pink outfits we will wear!

Also, check out Instagram for a chance to get a pair of your own! 😉 
***We were given a pair of Freshly Picked moccs to review and Lovely Sprouts blocks. As always all comment and opinions are my own***
December 16, 2016

Christmas Tree Farm

Last weekend we visited the Christmas tree farm near our house and took advantage of the opportunity to take a few pictures.We had planned for a lot fancier pictures but I got to say I’m in love with how they turned out.

The farm also has the cutest Santa and Mrs Claus so we took Bella’s Santa pictures as well.
We did them last year and we plan on doing them every year, if God allows it.

For fun comparison, I have added a few from last year these memories are the ones I want to remember for ever!

December 14, 2016

Thinking of baby number 2

” The days are long, but the years are short” Gretchen Rubin
This quote summarizes motherhood. It summarizes, at least for me, the basic notion of motherhood, the reality of our days and the bittersweetness,(??) of passing time.
Lately, my mind has been on time, as you can tell by the quote above. The time that I’m spending with Bella, the time that daddy spends with her and the time that we spend together, as a family of 3. It’s meaningful to both of us that her day is filled with us, and last week as we made it to Hobby Lobby I bought some items for her second birthday, it hit me. My baby is going to be 2 in 4 months. Really?! When did this happen?!  
When did my 6.5 lbs, full of hair baby get so big? Where did the baby that only cried for seconds and had no voice go? Where is my tiny 18″ babe?
I’m blessed to say that she is a walking, screaming (this is why we call her Bells), singing  full of life toddler, but I won’t lie, I miss my baby.
And then the thoughts of baby # dos comes? We have been talking more about this lately, becoming a family of 4. Giving  Miss Bells a sister or a brother. 
— Insert a terrified mama—
Take away all the scary things like pregnancy, delivery, financial worries and having an actually newborn, the thing that terrifies us the most is time. How is Bella going to feel and react to the idea that our time will have to be shared?
Bella is a social butterfly, in love with kids and babies of all ages. She has never reacted badly to me holding a baby or anything for that matter, but my mama heart does worry.
Will I damage her forever? Dramatic, a bit, but none the less it worries me.
How will she feel, how will it affect her and will she even care?
When we talked about babies, we always said we wanted them to be close in age. We were going to start trying for a second baby  when Bella turned 18 months. It made sense she was going to be well in her twos when the baby was born, allowing for a small age gap. 
 But, 18 months came and passed and we were not ready, I don’t think we are ready now either, and time is the key component.
As much as we really want another baby I wonder if we will ever be ready. But then, is anyone really?

And then we think about the joy she has brought. Bella is a shining light. She makes everything fun and is usually cracking up at the smallest thing. We cant help but  imagine another little person that brings us so much joy and happiness.  She has also taught us to love more and another baby will just add to that.

We thought we were ready for Bella and she changed every piece of the puzzle and maybe even the puzzle itself and we loved it and another baby will do the same! Change everything we thought was perfect and actually make it perfect.

If you’re a mom when did you start talking about baby #2?Is a small age gap good or the more apart the are the better?  Where you ready? Any tips?

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

December 13, 2016

A gift that keeps on giving: CARE

Year after year since the day we got married, my husband and I use our anniversary as a vacation away from it all. We have visited various countries and this year we visited Guatemala.

Guatemala is truly beautiful. It has  one of the best views all around, but one of the places we traveled really struck me. The mama in me, I should say.

We travel to Pana hatchel. A beautiful little town in the middle of the mountains and volcanoes. As you walk the main street of this town at any time of the day a child will come up to you selling something. It doesn’t matter what but that’s their job and they’ll figure out what and  how to do it.  I had seen this before in a few of the places we visited, but this time as a mother it hit me even more. How these kids don’t go to school, how these kids need to work, and the fact that because they are so use to it, it was normal for them.

Maybe is the fact that we have been in the civilized US for too long, comfortable in our house and with everything around us but this shook me. How can a child not attend school?

One  morning as we sat on a boat overlooking the lake and volcanoes around us, driven by a teen I should state, I saw it as a parent. I saw the heartache of a parent and the huge sacrifice it must be for them. To put their kids to work to be able to meet their needs. I can’t even fathom being in their shoes. How hard it must really be.
That day as we were going back to our hotel Lester and I decided to make this Christmas different. This year, we will finally do many of the things we have been talking about and never doing it.

Here is our list and I hope that you feel inspired enough to go out there and join us!

1. Pass our gloves and blankets to the people in the streets.
            Gloves and scarfs are currently .99 cent wherever you go. Buy a few and pass them out. Houston doesn’t really get super cold but being out in the streets every single bit can and will help.

2. Spend more time with family, as they are the true meaning of this season.
         Sit to eat together, talk about your days, make that special trip to grandma’s house and enjoy them. Every.single.bit. of. them.

3. Share and learn more about the love of God
         Is so easy to get caught up in giving the perfect toy or leggo set that we forget that this season is to learn about the One that gave it all for us. Visit your local church and embrace His love for us

4. Send a gift through CARE.
        This kind of works together with # 3. Learning more about the love of God will bring you here. Giving to others as is more important to give than receiving.
It’s easy as adults to comprehend this but for kids is a little more difficult. I’m happy to say that CARE thought about that.

 CARE is a program that allows you to help and improve someone else’s life from your home. They help girls and women get a chance to a better life. You could do this in someone’s name and gift them this amazing gift.
 The CARE team in Malawi will introduce you to girls like Alinafe, Evelisi and Maliyana who dreams of being a strong woman, like her mama.

CARE allows you to the impact of giving, they allow you to see and really understand this giving season.
What makes it more special is that you can do this with your children. Let the choose from a goat all the way to a water well and let them see their gift in action.

CARE is having a special live event on Facebook now through Dec 16 where you can actually meet some of the girls that benefit from this program.

I invite you to take a look, to join the movement and feel the need and take advantage of the opportunity of teaching our generations the act of kindness and giving.
Check CARE out for more ideas as to how you can help, and share with me what you want to teach your kids this holiday season