December 12, 2018

The one Thing you Need to Know about You Car Seat



When we first became parents we researched a lot, and of course, worried a lot as well.

We worried about bringing a sweet girl home when we knew nothing about being parents, we worried about her everything and that included what car seat brand would we use. After much researched we landed and stayed, almost 4 years later, with Chicco.

They had great ratings and was picked the best car seat many times over the years, aside from it being just what we were needing budget wise. 

Lester and I bought their Key Fit Travel system that came with a huge stroller, back in 2015, and registered for everything we needed after that. We even added their which was amazing.

Then came Bella, she hated the car seat.  She would cry as soon as we put her in and cried until we took her out. This lead to me crying as well everytime I had to drive solo, because of hormones, but as parents, we both were happy with our choice. Security first!

Fast forward to her one year mark, we wanted her out of the infant car seat, but she was on the smaller side and didn’t meet the weight in many of the other car seats. A few months later were introduced to the NextFit Convertible iX (shown below) Zip which allowed her to use it and we had a normal car ride for the first time in many months. The weight minimum is 5lbs (rear facing) and the maximum is 65 lbs forward facing.

She loved it! She looked at everything and didn’t cry whatsoever. Once she was a little bit over two we switched her to forward facing and she was in heaven.

In October 1st 2017 around 7:30 pm Bella and I were coming home from church like every regular Sunday, with the exception that Lester had left a bit earlier that day. On our way home we were hit by a driver getting out of a gas station. I was driving around 45 miles per hour heading west, had just passed a green light and out of nowhere the other driver crossed the lanes going east and proceeded to get into my lane. He did not see me, or that’s what I choose to think. He hit the driver’s side, right at my door, the side Bella was on as well, and from the impact, my car was thrown to the ditch right beside the road.

I still remember how load Bella cried, I remember thinking the end of the ditch is coming, there was a huge cement patch coming and I had to get out. I remember her screaming for it to stop, while I tried my best to control the car and get out of the ditch.

God is great and He protected us through the whole thing and once we were on steady ground I was able to kick my door open and check on Bella.

Her car seat had snapped off one of the seatbelts and was on its side, but she was safely buckled in her car seat and was completely fine. She did encounter a few other issues, but nothing a quick shower couldn’t fix.

I was in so much pain that I was unable to stand her car seat up or even get her out of the car seat or the car. God sent a young man that was able to help us and took Bella out and handed her to me while we waited for daddy, the ambulance and police.  It was a pretty close match to the worst day of my life. When Lester got there all I could do was cry…

After that evening, I could hardly move my neck, raise my arms and let alone move my left leg. I was in therapy for close to a year doing treatment after treatment and still to this day my neck has it very very bad days.

Bella walked off without a single scratch, we took her to her doctor and she was perfectly fine. It’s all God’s grace. We could have been killed or hurt very badly but He managed a way to take care of us.

Where am I going with all of this?

Buckling your child correctly is so important. Checking expiration dates on those same car seats can save lives. There is a big reason car seats were made, don’t ignore it. I honestly believe one of the reasons Bella was not hurt, aside from God’s protection, is the fact that she was buckled correctly and that her car seat protected her neck, head and pretty much every single part of her body! For that exact reason, I am proud to say that baby sissy will also have all Chicco. 


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This post is not sponsored by Chicco. I was sent a new car seat once I shared my story with them but as promised a few months ago I wanted to share with all of you as well.  Many times we prepared ourselves and drive carefully but, we cannot drive for everyone around us. We are careful, pray and mind our lane but the next person may not be as careful so it goes without saying that taking every step to take care of our little ones is more than important.

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December 11, 2018

Easy Coffee Tres Leches

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If there is something I love, it is making dessert, as many of you already know! Cooking takes a little more effort but there’s something about making a dessert that takes me to my happy place. Now, being pregnant and cooking is another thing, whether making dessert or not, so I’ve come up with a few shortcuts to make the things I love on little time. Great for the holidays, right!?  Today I want to re-create one of my family’s favorites, one that they have been asking for a while, my coffee tres leches. In Cuba, we don’t have tres leches or condensed milk but both have been favorites since coming to the US. Making the actual cake for this recipe is one of the longest processes since it can’t be done on a stand mixer and must be done by hand, but this mama has figured out a way to skip a little of the process and enjoy a delicious cake around loved ones. Maybe this is why I love postres (desserts) so much, it brings our family around the table, eating something sweet paired with a delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate. So are you ready for an easy and fast postre?

Here is what you need: 1 can of NESTLÉ® LA LECHERA® Sweetened Condensed Milk,  1 can of evaporated milk,  6oz of your favorite coffee, 1 small carton of heavy whipping cream, your choice of cake. *On this I have used regular store bought pound cake, pound cake, or if you have time you can use a homemade cake* All of these ingredients can be found at your local Walmart!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Once you have the actual cake the process is pretty easy. Mix NESTLÉ® LA LECHERA®​ Sweetened Condensed milk, evaporated milk, whipping cream and coffee of your choice. Let this sit for about 20 mins allowing the coffee to give its flavor. While the 3 types of milk sit, poke holes in your cake to allow for max absorption. This is what makes the cake deliciously moist. Pour the milk mix into the cake pan and refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can do this while you finish getting ready or melting some NESTLÉ® ABUELITA​® for un chocolatico con leche. (hot cocoa) To top of your cake take out your hand mixer or stand mixer and whip out the whipping cream and spread over your cake. If you want to make it a little fancy add a few chocolate shavings to top your delicious cake. Now to the eating part! Of course, baby girl’s favorite part, if you know what I mean. Sitting with my people, enjoying a delicious Tres Leches cake with coffee or hot cocoa.

This is what the holidays mean to me. Spending time with mi familia, the people that make me smile and make my heart beat a little faster. Now you tell me, what is your favorite dessert or shortcut? Want to try make it for your loved ones? Here is all you need!

November 16, 2018

Restroom Update with little to No Budget

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We have been slowly making process in our new house to make our home. It was updated when we first purchased it a year ago, but still needed a few of our touches! There are a few big projects in our 5-year plan but for now, we are updating room by room, making it our own until we give it a total facelift!

One of the rooms that always tends to get forgotten in the restrooms. We keep very clean, stocked, closed and that’s about it. With the holidays already here I thought I would give our half restroom a little update. Our restroom in on the hallway that separates our kitchen and formal dining right in front of the laundry. Hence the fact why we tend to forget about it!


Now, this restroom was slightly updated with a mirror, new tile, and new toilet before we moved in, but my awesome hubby refinished the grout to a dark grey instead of the preexisting white when he did our kitchen. That alone, gave it a whole different look for less than $14 and we still had left over after doing both rooms and a hallway!


I added a few finishing touches that gave it an updated look on a dime. I found this rug and similar decorations at Family Dollar when I went to pick up Scott® Comfort Plus™ Toilet Paper.  

I love that

While there are a close to a million kinds of toilet paper, we use Scott® Comfort Plus Toilet Paper for all our restroom in our home because is 5 in 1- soft, strong, thick, absorbent and keeps my drains clog-free. Plus we have a little princess who loves toilet paper and thinks the potty does too, so all very important since she probably uses this restroom 4853850 times a day! It’s 3x stronger for unbeatable comfort and not only that but it’s is better than the competition, and is preferred over Angel Soft.

I spent less than $20 in this room and it’s already a little cozier! We plan to add shelves and get a new vanity but for now, I’m in love and it’s just what this room needed! You can also do yours! Make a trip to your local Family Dollar and don’t forget to stock up on Scott® Comfort Plus™ Toilet Paper.   for 24 CT Big Roll at $7.95.


November 15, 2018

Easy Homemade Mashed Potato

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This is not your typical holiday post because for us mashed potatoes are always a must but with Thanks Giving around the corner, well gosh next week. I wanted to share with everyone this easy mashed potato the whole family can enjoy and help in the progress!

To be honest this is probably the only thing I make for Thanksgiving. We buy our Turkey Dinner but somehow there is never enough mashed potatoes. I make these and my family loves them and devours them instantly! Without further ado, here is the recipe and the cutest little helper on a cold day!




10 lbs bag of Potatoes

1 Land’ O Lakes Squeezable Spread bottles

1/2- 1 cup of Milk

Salt, pepper, and cheese to taste

Mashed potatoes are usually pretty easy, wash, rinse and boil but if you want to take make it one step faster, place half the potatoes in a bag and microwave for 6-8 minutes and done!

I decided to boil this set while I was tending my little helper but again it’s when you need it in a rush! Then, I placed all my potatoes in my stand mixer, added Land’ O Lakes Squeezable and milk. Land’ O   Lakes Squeezable Spread is so easy and fast for everyone, that my little helper had a little too much fun with it and asked to do it 5 times, and even added more to her own mashed potatoes.

These beautiful plates are the new Everyday Collection from Lifeway. Love the message

Land’ O Lakes Squeezable Spread it’s very easy to squeeze and it’s a spread made with real butter perfect for pancakes, pasta, and toast! Be sure to get yours at your local Kroger and tell me what you made with it!


October 31, 2018

Why we choose not to celebrate Halloween


Hey guys,

Today, being October 31st I wanted to share our reasoning for not celebrating Halloween. I know many will pull out the religious card and it’s true, but every year I get asked why we don’t partake in this “holiday” and today I wanted to take the time to explain as to why.

I came from Cuba almost 20 years ago and we come to find many new traditions and Halloween was one of them. In Cuba, we don’t have Halloween, Thanksgiving and we do Christmas a whole lot different. I will go into details on another post but I have teamed up with a close friend to share our view on Halloween.

As a 9 year in a new country, where candy was so good and different my first Halloween was hard. I saw my friends dressing up, talking about where they were going and kids ring the doorbell a lot, as I stayed inside. It was hard and I didn’t quite understand it so when I asked my mom why we didn’t celebrate it she answered honestly, or in her view.

She said we didn’t celebrate the devil.

I didn’t quite understand it until I was older and our church started showing us why. Is not what my mom said entirely, but it is, as a matter of fact, a day where people with very bad intentions take advantage of. I won’t go into the history of Halloween but I invite all of you on the other side of the screen to read it. Take a few minutes and look at the story of Halloween and how it started but more than anything this post is to answer the many questions.

So let’s gets started…

I have never in my 28 years of life celebrated a Halloween. We use to sit at home watch TV and turn our porch light off. People still rang the doorbell but we ignored it.

I have never gotten dressed.

I have never gone out to trick -or -treating.

My husband and I are both on the same page.

Our daughter, while a minor, will also follow this.

When Bella and baby sissy get older, Lester and I will sit down with them and explain what we were taught and why we choose for our family not to be involved. I won’t lie, at times this year it has been hard since most of the shows Bella watches have episodes of Halloween and it’s hard to teach a 3-year-old about it.

We decided to tell her we don’t like it and we don’t watch it. She is not interested in dressing up or anything related to it as she has never been involved.

I get it, this may not be for many people and to each their own. For us, this is how we do it.

Our church makes it a lot easier since today we have a Jesus Festival. We don’t bash Halloween, our kids don’t get dressed up and we don’t give candy out. It’s a day where we celebrate our life and our God.

We have games, rides, and food for all our kids.

The kids enjoy a beautiful play, bouncy houses and if it doesn’t rain we even have a petting zoo. I wish I would have had this growing up and that’s one of the many reasons I love my church. I want Bella and sissy to enjoy every day because it is a day the Lord created. And when they are older, who knows maybe we will make October 31st a family day and skip school.

Like everything in life, this is our alternative way.

This is not to say you are doing wrong or that I’m doing it wrong, but just like anything in else parenting, we each have our own style and this is ours.

This is how we have chosen to raise our children.

Thank you for reading this and feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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