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November 11, 2019

10 Ways to be Kind this Week


This week is world kindness week and with Thanksgiving around the corner what a better way to celebrate this week than by shining a light. Many times we tend to get upset at the rude people we encounter (me I honk like crazy-so bad I know) they need help. I find it, it can go two ways, they ruin your day or you improve theirs.

I vote for number two. As Christian this weighs on me so much. I’m not at my best many times and that’s what I show people. This is not to say that we need to be happy 24/7/365 no not at all, but the moment that we let our emotions take control we tend to lose sight of God and ourselves. So today I want to share 1o easy ways we can show kindness this week and pretty much every day of the year.

  1. Pay it Forward. Whatever drive-thru lane you are in pay for the person behind you.
  2. Compliment, Compliment, Compliment. There have been times where I’m feeling pretty lousy and a compliment lifts me up immediately. (FREE)
  3. Smile, just smile. A smile can brighten anyone’s day  (FREE)
  4. Offer the person behind you in line your spot if they seem rushed. (FREE)
  5. Give a homeless person a hot drink or money. I know many frown at this but honestly, if I give them money I’m honoring God. Whether they need it or not is not for me to judge.
  6. Pay the difference if the person in front of seems short.
  7. Write an old fashion thank-you note. I love anything handwritten.
  8. Pray for those around you. They may not see the change immediately but God works in wondrous ways.
  9. Let that special person know just how special they are. I love getting my husband his favorite snack. It’s very little but I love to see his reaction when he sees them. (gummy bears)
  10. Lastly, ask someone how they are doing and really listen. Many times people just need someone to listen to them.

Just an extra….

11. As a blogger I think this is very important, be kind online. Would you say whatever it is you are saying to your kids o even in front of them? No, right! Always always be nice.




October 28, 2019

Getting your Truck ready for Winter

This shop has been compensated. All opinions are mine alone. Thank you for supporting my family

The cool weather is just around the corner and we want to be ready. Even though let’s be honest, it doesn’t get too cold in Houston we still love to be prepared for those days and prepared in all aspects.

So today I’m sharing 3 tips on how we prepare our cars for winter or just those days where parenthood gets the best of you.

  1. Have a winter supply box. This is very important and it will vary for everyone and every state. We have an extra change of clothes for both girls, gloves for all of us, food, water, toilet paper, and paper towels, a heavy blanket, flashlight and 1-2 toys at the bottom of the bag. We also have diapers and baby wipes. We put ours in the truck of the truck in this neat Clevermade basket.
  2. Make sure your car is up to date in all inspections. Most states require your car/ truck to be inspected yearly but you can always go the extra mile and have a car tuneup when cooler weather gets close.
  3. Use the top oil for oil changes. This is key. Both of our cars are paid off and we keep up with all their maintenance to the t. This way we assure ourselves we are taking care of them. But this can get very expensive that’s why we take advantage of great deals on our oil changes. We use Rotella Truck oil in my husband’s new truck and it has been running amazingly.

And because I love saving make sure you go to your local Walmart and check for the #rotellagastruckrollback for extra savings. Keep in mind that if you are like me and don’t know anything about cars Walmart service is always available and can be done while you grocery shop.


September 26, 2019

Outdoor Space Inspiration

When we first moved in to our home one of the spaces we wanted to tackle was the backyard. Coming from a small backyard, our now backyard is a dream! I could definitely be bigger, but to us is the perfect size.

That being said a few things have changed but we still have a lot of work ahead of us, in the near future, but as the patio area is almost done I want to share a few spaces we are loving and a little bit of where we are headed.

Our whole idea is to have an outdoor eating space and somewhere we could relax and watch the girls play. Bella loves to be outside and while I’m not the biggest fan I love watching her play, hence the whole area to relax part.

First up, this space by one of my favorites Jessica Garvin. I love the simplicity of it and twinkling lights!

This space by Lynzy is also great. Check out her playset.

and what’s an inspiration post without Pinterest here are a few ideas we love.

Here are a few things in my amazon cart.

Outdoor Curtains To keep the sun out on afternoon hangs

Hanging Lights Thisssss. I need these in my life

Swing Very petit and super cute

Hammock I said I wanted to relax right

Galvanized Tray Cutest centerpiece. Add some fresh flowers and call it a day

Patio outdoor lights-I love these lathers

Outdoor light for playgroud No more playing in the dark

Metal black chairs– We have these inside and love them

Bug zapper– Remember we live in Texas, aka as mosquito land

And that’s it for now! I hope to share pictures of our set up later this week.

What are you looking for once the fall temps grace us with their presence?

September 25, 2019

Creating a good relationship with Technology

This post is sponsored by Google. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I grew up in Cuba, which is basically 20 or so years behind in technology. I remember the first time I shared a picture of me as a baby and everyone looked at it funny since it’s in black and white. When we came to the US in 2000 it was a different world, and a few years later I had my first phone. A tiny little phone that gave me 200 text messages and free talk after 8 pm. Remember those days?

Yup, those days are long gone, giving us a great amount of technology in the swipe of a finger, which great but in Spanish there is a saying


which means


So how do find control and create a good relationship with technology?

As a blogger, I work off my phone and computer, as a mom I believe in educational apps and as a woman, I love to relax watching a show or viewing Pinterest. Who doesn’t right?! But I find ways to balance it, to create control for my family and me.

I have teamed up with Google to share  3 tools we can have control and create a good relationship with technology for the whole family based off their Digital Wellbeing

1. Gmail Autoreply and Priority box.

I want to live by “do as I say and do ” and if I’m constantly on my phone or laptop there is no way I’m setting that example for my girls. I love that Gmail has this tool helping me focus only on what’s important. This way I can finish the emails that need my immediate attention first, cutting my time in half if not more.

2. AutoPlay control on Youtube.

This has been a saving grace for us. I won’t lie, we give Bella our phone to watch Christian music videos and playdoh stories and if we let her she could be there all day long. Again here is where the control takes comes in and thanks to this tool we have a choice.

3. Family link app.

This is probably one of my favorites. It allows us to set time limits, block specific stuff and more than anything allows us to shut down. It’s so important as a busy family to shut down. To stop the noise and enjoy the silence.

There is so much more and you can check here and see how Google Digital Wellbeing is changing the game! This week we will be working on a “OFF ” basket. Where we place our phones, tablets and all electronics there and enjoy each other. I’m so happy Google is taking the driver seat on this  “Digital Wellbeing” and reminding families what’s truly important. Tell me what’s you favorite tool?


June 18, 2019

How to Make a Full Time Income From Home

I have been wanting to write this post for the longest time and something will always held me back. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact this is probably the only part of my life I have kept private for the past two years but it’s my hope to help each mom out there trying to live a more comfortable life and spend more of our days with our babies and this post can help you do that.

Even before becoming a mom I have always love the idea of working from home, and let’s be honest I had one too many bosses that pushed me and made that decision a whole lot easier. Once Bella came I knew I had made the right choice and it has been the best thing for our family. I won’t go on about all the details but I’m happy to say that this, unlike many scams you’ll see online is something that everyone can do with very little money in. You won’t be paying it to me or some scammy organization but it will be the first step to your new life.

So what is it?

A home daycare.

In 2012 after having what I believed was the worst boss ever, I decided that I wanted to open a home daycare. I prayed for a little bit over a month and God opened all the doors. I did the required training and 1 month later I was opening my own daycare. We were able to do so much in our home and even started a saving account. In 2015 when Bella was born things were already settled and I was at full capacity and had a waiting list.  I had the best parents in my house, had an assistant and had everything I could wish for.

In 2017 I had a car accident which forced me to close my doors but till this day my daycare has been the biggest blessing ever, but let’s get down to business.

I will list the main steps for you to achieve this and feel free to email me or DM in any of my channels for extra help.

  1. Contact your state. Your state will give you the main standards and training required. In Texas all of it is free.
  2. File your license. This is also done with your state. Depending on your education your state will grant you a license or a permit. With a permit, you’ll have few limits here and there mainly on the number of kids, while a license allows you to have more kids, which means more income.
  3. License. Once your license is filed you’ll get an inspection from the state approving your home as a daycare. I can stress enough that you look at the manual the state gives you and follow it the to T. This will allow you to pass with flying colors and get your business on track.
  4. Paperwork. This is the business part. Many people take a home daycare as a joke or as a nanny business. It’s plain wrong! Having a home daycare is a business and as a business owner, you need to have a contract, Employer Tax ID and very organized database.
  5. Set a price. As a business owner, you need to set your prices. Don’t go off with what people want to pay you. This is the biggest mistake I see people making. Go around your local daycares and do the research! How much are they charging, what do they offer, what would you like to implement in your business and pay close attention to their fails. A little secret, when I did my research I pretended I had a 16-month-old, 3-year-old and one on the way. This allowed me to see everything they had and offered.
  6. Contact a food program. Most states offer this. A food program will allow you to claim your daily food and they give you a nice little check at the end of the month. You have to use the list of food they give you, again follow their rules to the T and lastly and most importantly you’ll have monthly inspections. They will come to your house at any time of the day and make sure you are following their rules. (State also does this)
  7. Love those kids. This is my most important tip. Love those kids with your whole heart. Most will be with you more time in their days than with their parents. You have the power to change their everyday. Make it amazing. Pray over them. Teach them respect. I can stress this enough. What I would do to give each of my kids a hug and a huge kiss again.

This is it guys! Short and to the point. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at  or leave a comment below!