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June 19, 2017

A letter to my husband: 8 years later

In January Lester and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.
8 wonderful years. 8 years worth of love. 8 years worth of beautiful memories. 8 years we were haven’t argued once…….. Rewind on that last one.
Who are we kidding?
In 8 years we have argued our fair share, in 8 years we have chosen to stay mad more that I would like to admit and in 8 years we have argued over the silliest of things, like forgetting to shut the trash can lid or forgetting to put the water resistant sheet on our bed. Yes all so silly but at it’s the moment it really wasn’t.
At that time we believed with all our heart we had the right to have that argument, to stay mad to ignore and I’m sorry, yet that’s marriage. Marriage is two very different people trying to become one. Trying to ignore, in our case, the cultural differences to ignore the way we were raised and become one.  To choose no matter what to love each other. To love each and every day!

And you my love, do it every single day. You choose to ignore my hard-headedness, to ignore my mistaken ways, to ignore my everyday troubles, complaints and choose to love one more time.

Just today I heard a very heartbreaking news about Lisa Terkuest. About her decision to divorce her husband, and I’m not going to make any comments about it or even give you my opinion but I will tell you what I’m reminded of one thing. The enemy is out to get us. Sadly we believe that the enemy doesn’t know us, but he does. He knows our troubles, he knows bother us and what doesn’t and more than anything he knows what we can accomplish together.

The enemy only fights you if your potential in the kingdom of God is greater than he can handle, that’s why you see people who have big gifts outside in the world, wondering and so very lost.

So to you, my wonderful husband, thank you for loving me, thank you for choosing me over and over again, thank you for letting God use you and for letting Him work through you.
I know I’m hard, but together with God on our side we can do anything, we can conquer this world and make sure we step on the enemy’s tiny head.

And you, my friend, reading this, whether you believe or not, whether Christian or not remember that God is always with you and lives anxiously to have you Him, in His glory and working for His kingdom!

June 8, 2017

Chatting over coffee : chapter 1

When I first started this blogging endeavor I, like we all do, had all hope in the world.
 I wanted to write every day, wanted to learn more, to meet more people and to really become more in every sense of the word.
I wanted to be that change and to become that change I so eagerly looked in this world for, but (isn’t there always one) I got caught up in the prettiness of blogging. The numbers, the likes and even the comments, and somewhere along the way I forgot to use my voice. I forgot why I started this in the first place.
And I got on this train, well actually, I followed every train that left the station headed somewhere, and 6 months into this adventure I pretty much felt a little lost.
It was only a few days ago, after a very hard day that all of this hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a pretty exhausting day at work, Bella was just topping off the points on the don’t list and I was so tired of putting her in timeout that even I needed one.

 I put her to sleep after crying my eyes out and took a very much needed bath. Completely relax with a book in hand I encountered the One and Only with my truth. 
The truth that hurts even just thinking about it, I wasn’t being honest with myself, and that is all going to change. I want my social media channels to truly represent me, to be like a picture of my life. My very messy yet beautiful life!
As I hit my 6-month blogging mark, I also want to accomplish my mark in this world, my mission and one of the biggest reason why this blog came to be. 
I realize I had never written this down and I’m more than ready to do that now, 6-months down the road, but better late than never.
If we were to meet in real life this is how I would introduce myself if we were to chat over coffee
Hi, I’m Claudia Estrada, Bella’s mama, and Lester’s wife.
I’m a Christian, business owner and dreamer. 
I was born in Cuba and raised in Texas.
When I was little my mom use to tell me I lived in la-la land and sometimes I still think I do. 
I love holidays, decorating and crafting.
I always color inside the lines, but every once in a while I will go outside, just to remember that it is and it will always be ok.
I dream of writing and even recording videos of our daily life. Of having a journal to look back on one day. 
I’m a total people pleaser, I hardly ever say no and when I do you can always change my mind. 
My heart is in serving, my Lord, my family and friends.
I hope you follow me on this journey and be on the lookout for some changes to this little corner in the following months.
So as they say, this just got alot more personal and I hope you enjoy it just the same if not more!