September 6, 2019

4 Tips to make Staying at Home easier

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Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. We’ve all been there, where people say staying at home is easy. I don’t know who they are talking to but that’s definitely not true.

Whether working from home or being a stay at home mom is one of the hardest jobs there is. You have no clock out time and that pretty much summarizes life.

But today, after reading what seems like a thousand of mommy blogs, and post I have rounded up a few of my favorite tips and tricks. I don’t have anything under control or even anything closed to having a balanced schedule but many of these tips are transforming the way I work and the way I spend my days.

1.Wake up Early.

This is easier said than done, with an infant this is probably the hardest thing ever, but when I do wake up early my day just runs so smoothly.  I get my bible reading time, I work a bit, pump and even have a hot, yes you read right, a hot cup of coffee.

2.Clean the kitchen the night before.

Ohhh this… This hurts just writing it. I aim so much to clean my kitchen the night before and many times it just doesn’t happen. Between bath times, church and other obligations it’s left to the morning, but goodness, when it’s done my mornings, are the best.

3.Schedule everything.

After having kids, my brain is mush. I don’t remember anything for the life of me. If it’s not written down it simply just won’t happen. This is where I get my planner and her buddies come in to play. I will share about all these later but here are a few links for you to explore.

4.Make lunch a priority.

File this into things I don’t forget. Guys, I love my food, I love eating and you’ll see me doing what my husband calls my “good food dance” more often than not. But kid you not, having good food in my tummy just fuels my every membrane. I recently tried these amazing dishes and well they have been delicious, the best part they are all prepared. hint hint. This is the key for every mama. Having something already prepared and made.

I love the EVOL, I had the fire grilles steak and I also have a few of them in my grocery cart as we speak. Very yummy and 3 minutes in the microwave. Yup, that’s it! Nothing artificial just a bowl full of love and protein.

My husband and I also shared a power bowl by Healthy Choice on Saturday and he agrees. It’s grain-free, vegan and over the top delish.

I even sent the Gardein strips for Bella’s lunch and she eats it up. This I like to call a mom win!

And the last product we have tried and loved is Udi’s Gluten Free Pizza. Again another product that’s grain-free with a sweet potato crust!! YES, delish!

To enjoy and purchase your own click here.

These 4 tips I learned from some of the best mommy bloggers out there. They have helped me so much and I know they will help you too.

For more on these amazing women check their Instagram accounts below.

Amy– Share great tips on her stories

Arin– The Organization queen

Aseky– Busy mom owning every aspect of her life

Clarissa-the queen of clean kitchens before bed

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