September 26, 2019

Outdoor Space Inspiration

When we first moved in to our home one of the spaces we wanted to tackle was the backyard. Coming from a small backyard, our now backyard is a dream! I could definitely be bigger, but to us is the perfect size.

That being said a few things have changed but we still have a lot of work ahead of us, in the near future, but as the patio area is almost done I want to share a few spaces we are loving and a little bit of where we are headed.

Our whole idea is to have an outdoor eating space and somewhere we could relax and watch the girls play. Bella loves to be outside and while I’m not the biggest fan I love watching her play, hence the whole area to relax part.

First up, this space by one of my favorites Jessica Garvin. I love the simplicity of it and twinkling lights!

This space by Lynzy is also great. Check out her playset.

and what’s an inspiration post without Pinterest here are a few ideas we love.

Here are a few things in my amazon cart.

Outdoor Curtains To keep the sun out on afternoon hangs

Hanging Lights Thisssss. I need these in my life

Swing Very petit and super cute

Hammock I said I wanted to relax right

Galvanized Tray Cutest centerpiece. Add some fresh flowers and call it a day

Patio outdoor lights-I love these lathers

Outdoor light for playgroud No more playing in the dark

Metal black chairs– We have these inside and love them

Bug zapper– Remember we live in Texas, aka as mosquito land

And that’s it for now! I hope to share pictures of our set up later this week.

What are you looking for once the fall temps grace us with their presence?

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