September 25, 2019

Creating a good relationship with Technology

This post is sponsored by Google. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I grew up in Cuba, which is basically 20 or so years behind in technology. I remember the first time I shared a picture of me as a baby and everyone looked at it funny since it’s in black and white. When we came to the US in 2000 it was a different world, and a few years later I had my first phone. A tiny little phone that gave me 200 text messages and free talk after 8 pm. Remember those days?

Yup, those days are long gone, giving us a great amount of technology in the swipe of a finger, which great but in Spanish there is a saying


which means


So how do find control and create a good relationship with technology?

As a blogger, I work off my phone and computer, as a mom I believe in educational apps and as a woman, I love to relax watching a show or viewing Pinterest. Who doesn’t right?! But I find ways to balance it, to create control for my family and me.

I have teamed up with Google to share  3 tools we can have control and create a good relationship with technology for the whole family based off their Digital Wellbeing

1. Gmail Autoreply and Priority box.

I want to live by “do as I say and do ” and if I’m constantly on my phone or laptop there is no way I’m setting that example for my girls. I love that Gmail has this tool helping me focus only on what’s important. This way I can finish the emails that need my immediate attention first, cutting my time in half if not more.

2. AutoPlay control on Youtube.

This has been a saving grace for us. I won’t lie, we give Bella our phone to watch Christian music videos and playdoh stories and if we let her she could be there all day long. Again here is where the control takes comes in and thanks to this tool we have a choice.

3. Family link app.

This is probably one of my favorites. It allows us to set time limits, block specific stuff and more than anything allows us to shut down. It’s so important as a busy family to shut down. To stop the noise and enjoy the silence.

There is so much more and you can check here and see how Google Digital Wellbeing is changing the game! This week we will be working on a “OFF ” basket. Where we place our phones, tablets and all electronics there and enjoy each other. I’m so happy Google is taking the driver seat on this¬† “Digital Wellbeing” and reminding families what’s truly important. Tell me what’s you favorite tool?


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