August 28, 2019

3 Tips to Pump on the Go

Thank you Medela for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and options are my own.

Breastfeeding is tough, now insert to that,  pumping. I have read so many stories about pumping and why moms do it, and I never fully understood it until I had to pump.

In both my journeys with breastfeeding pumping to me was just an added thing, something I chose to do but never needed to since I stayed home.

A few weeks into our journey with Cami we discovered Cami does not empty my breast, better said she can’t. She has a tongue-tie or something of that matter and she is unable to empty them and that’s when pumping became a necessity. The rule of breastfeeding has always been supply and demand and if Cami was not demanding more I was not going to make more.

If I wanted to have some sort of supply I had to pump, as many times as I could as often as possible which literally meant being attached to a pump 24/7, to try to make more of a demand, but that was never enough.

We supplemented with Cam since day 2 Cami but I try my best to get a few pumping sessions a day. This is an easy task if I’m home but when I’m out and about is quite hard, until I heard about the Madela Sonata.

Let me begin by saying I have only had Medela Pumps.

A friend of mine let me borrow her In Style Advance Pump and I had to go out and buy one because it was that good. Back then insurances did not cover Medela so it was all out of pocket, and I have never looked back. With Cami, we are way busier and we have a toddler, preschooler-OMG, that doesn’t want to stay endless hours at home watching TV so we get out as much as we possibly can which made us find something that works for us and our schedule.

So here’s what I learned so far.

1. Have a system in place

Have a cover, cooler, extra bottles, and for easy cleaning, the Medela wipes or Spray. I put all of this and my pump in my pump bag. The wipes and spray have been a game-changer for me personally and I use my cooler from Clever Made to store my pumped milk. It may seem like a lot but it really isn’t.

2. Pump Everywhere.

I use to be embarrassed to pump, honestly very silly but I didn’t pump.  Then I realized, that with the little I was pumping I was supporting my baby girl. Every drop was one drop in her tummy and I’m all about that.


3. Have a great pump.

This is easier said than done, most pumps cost an eye and a leg, but always always always check your insurance first. Most insurances now cover Medela and it’s a great plus for us moms. My Sonata works wonderfully and so does my oldie but goodie, In Style Advance. Here are a few of my favorite things from it.

  •  I love the settings, easy to figure out. I don’t have to feel like I’m in calculus again.
  • The huge timer. No more going nuts trying to figure out how long I’ve been pumping
  •  The Letdown button, just like my In Style advance is probably my favorite from Medela.
  • Rechargeable. I charge mine every night and it’s ready for a brand new day.

Lastly, for an added bonus, have a pumping schedule. I save mine on my phone and it rings constantly but I help me maintain a schedule. There are days I stick to and others I simply don’t have the time and I just serve myself a huge plate of grace.

Grace is key whether you are pumping or breastfeeding. It’s very hard and many times people will not understand the pressure we are in but give yourself grace. You are a great mom!! Be sure to always contact a lactation consultant, Medela has one as well,  if you have any questions and I’m away open to give you a huge virtual hug!

Tell me about yourself, do you pump? What’s your number 1 tip?




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