July 1, 2019

Monday Shopping List: Mom Uniform Edition

As much as I want to be the fabulous mom, with amazing style and beautiful outfits every day, you can find me activewear that has never seen a gym. Believe me, I try, is a goal of mine but honest truth I always end up with the same outfit, yoga pants, and a tee shirt.

In honor of that confession, and an amazing sale going on, here is a list of all the things I’m loving lately, everything on a budget and exactly what us moms need!

Grey Sweater/ Grey Sweatpants / Black Tights with pockets / Green Motto Leggings / Tie Tank / Training Shorts / Blush  Walking shoes


All of these items are buy one and get one free so it’s a great deal for everyday clothes. I’m a bargain shopper and usually keep all my items cheap, honestly, but every once in a while I spend a little more on myself if it’s an item I use a lot. One example is my Hunter boots, they were no cheap but I use them so much that they are worth it.

What’s your daily uniform?

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