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July 17, 2019

School Lunch Ideas for the Picky Eaters

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It’s back to school season and this usually means nothing to us but this year, we will have a school-age child!  This year Bella is going to school!

Is so hard to believe my baby will be going to school but my baby is now 4 and she is excited to leave mommy and meet new friends. That being said, this mama is getting herself into overdrive thinking about everything that will be new this year.

School wardrobe, lunch, supplies, and homework!

In this post, I want to tackle the first item on my list, school lunches. Even though Bella will not be a full-time student just yet, she will be eating at school and makes me worry as I have the pickiest eater of the picky eaters. I’ve compiled a list of lunches and snacks we will be trying and hopefully, we can add a few more as we get more into the year.

You see, my picky eater is not a fan of veggies and it very particular about a lot, how we cut and shape her food, but what I will be doing this year is incorporating something she loves, something she likes and something new. I’m sure I’ll get something new back a few times but my hope is to help her eat better. I’ve listed the something she loves in green, the something she likes in red and the something new in blue.


Apples/ Almond Butter/ Carrot Sticks

Pita / Cheese/orange slices

Oatmeal/ Raisins/ strawberries

Veggie stick chips/Blue berries/ Ham

Toast/ Hard Boiled eggs / Yogurt

Crackers/ Cheese/ Turkey Ham

Cucumber/Apple Slices / Begals


Now, I know what you must be thinking my child loves cheese, many kids do, so what I suggest you do is make a list of the items your kid’s love, likes and the something new. In the new list, I did not make it as these were too things I want her to try, which is basically everything and if I did the list would be endless. The idea is that the new goes well with the something they love.

To every snack or lunch, I will a pack of  Nabisco Fun Shaped cookies, it as the perfect portion and is exactly what she wants after a hard day, I know that’s what I want after a hard day too. The idea is to have something extra delicious, perfectly packed and something easy for mama just to pick up and pack, if you know what  I mean.

On top of that, I will also add a pack of Kleenex® Brand Wet Wipes™  because I know my kid. I’m sure you know yours and whether he or she is messy or extra picky about keeping their hands clean I know she will definitely use them all! The best things is that I can all of these to my Walmart shopping cart from the convenience of my own home and not have to take both girls down, especially on rainy days.

Now it’s your turn, tell me what you pack in your kid’s lunch and more importantly how do you get them to eat it?

July 1, 2019

Monday Shopping List: Mom Uniform Edition

As much as I want to be the fabulous mom, with amazing style and beautiful outfits every day, you can find me activewear that has never seen a gym. Believe me, I try, is a goal of mine but honest truth I always end up with the same outfit, yoga pants, and a tee shirt.

In honor of that confession, and an amazing sale going on, here is a list of all the things I’m loving lately, everything on a budget and exactly what us moms need!

Grey Sweater/ Grey Sweatpants / Black Tights with pockets / Green Motto Leggings / Tie Tank / Training Shorts / Blush  Walking shoes


All of these items are buy one and get one free so it’s a great deal for everyday clothes. I’m a bargain shopper and usually keep all my items cheap, honestly, but every once in a while I spend a little more on myself if it’s an item I use a lot. One example is my Hunter boots, they were no cheap but I use them so much that they are worth it.

What’s your daily uniform?