June 26, 2019

Hospital bag: Second time Around and What I Really Used.

I wrote this post before our hospital stay and wanted to share it still, with a fun twist of the thing we actually used.

What I pack will be in black and what we actually used in red.


We are quickly approaching our due date for baby sissy and we honestly cant wait to hold her. Bella made her entrance a few weeks early so we want to be ready just in case sissy follows suit. That being said, if this is your first time or your 3rd time around nothing beats being prepared.

I have compiled a list of things I believe every mom should take and some items you will not need.

In full disclosure, we did have an unplanned C-section with Bella and will be having a second C-section with baby sissy, so my list may look completely different than yous, but as someone who overpacks for everything I really believe this list should be fine for natural birth or C-sections.

I packed 3 bags the first time around (see I told, I over pack) and this time we will have 3 bags as well. Why 3? Because it saved my life to know that I could have anyone help me find anything and everything in each of the bags. Daddy has his bag, I have mine and baby has his/her own bag, usually the diaper bag.

Let’s start with daddy:

I will be honest, last time I didn’t pack his bag until the last minute, like water leaking down my pants last minute. He had said he was going to do it (he always packs his own things) but I wanted to make sure he had everything instead of 1 pant and 2 shirts type of bag. I packed so much for him, much of it he did not use, but the second time around we will be packing this.


-Change of clothes (x3) for C-section (2) for a natural birth




-A baggie full of change

Since this time around we will have Bella, we are a bit unsure if daddy will stay the entire hospital stay as we want to make sure Bella feels ok sleeping with someone else for the first time ever. More likely than not, daddy will be staying home and my mama will be going to the hospital at nights.

Daddy, in fact, did stay home with her for two of the nights, the last night we all slept at the hospital, not perfect but I loved waking up that morning with all my people in the same room. We end up not packing a bag for Lester since we decided it to play it by ear! Bella did not do good leaving the hospital, I cried more than her, but my MIL came home with her and daddy and had a sleepover. She loved it. I stayed in the hospital with my mama.

Mommy’s Bag: This is where I went completely overboard last time. Don’t get me wrong I read many posts but all of them had a million things so I packed those millions and even took a bit of daddy’s bag too because it didn’t all fit in mine. So this time around I’m not making the same mistake! I know what I will really use and what will make me feel comfortable, and it’s all about that.

-Toiletries and make-up bag (yes)

-Dry Shampoo (double YES)

-Face Spray ( I have this water spray which I love) Perfect for a quick refresh. (Didn’t use it as much as I thought I would)

– Flip Flops (to shower) (1000%)

– Extra socks or slippers  (Yes, I ended up losing one of them the first night and was glad I had an extra pair)

-Robe (the hospital will provide you with one, I wore theirs the first time but it was the most uncomfortable thing in the universe. (Totally recommend)

-2-3 Outfits

  • A dress to be comfortable while breastfeeding and during the hospital stay (OMG YES)
  • A going home outfit. In my case another dress. I’m also including these BLANQI leggings for some tummy support if I’m able to get them up.( I didn’t get to wear them until I was home, but I did wear this PJ set from Walmart)

-Nipple cream (I usually use organic natural coconut oil and never had an issue)

-Depend underwear. Believe me, this is great! I read this somewhere and I thought it was genius. (Used these at home)

-Towel. This goes with making you feel as comfortable as possible. (Forgot mine)

-Snacks: I didn’t have much appetite for food but snacks are always a good idea. (YES)

-Hair ties: I’m one of those people that cant live, sleep without a hair tie. (Took a few and yes)

-Tummy Binder: The hospital provides one but I will take my own just in case I’m brave enough to put it on and Dr okays it. (It saved me)

Baby’s Bag

Swaddle blankets, hats and new outfits: (3) The hospital will also provide you with this, but there is nothing better than finally seeing your baby in the clothes we bought with the biggest joy! (I had my hubby take a few gowns instead of outfits)

-Pacifier: If you want your baby to wear one.(yes)

-Coming home outfit


-Boopy Nursing Pillow


Our hospital stay was amazing. We stayed in one of the suites and God blessed us with a great set of nurses. Changed ny whole outlook on C-sections! More about that later, but hope this post helps you minimize what you actually need and all the stuff you dont!

What did you take? 





Things I don’t take:

New Underwear: I don’t see the need to take some since they will get ruined.

Hair dryer: I don’t ever see myself having time to dry my long hair or even attempting to stand up long enough to wash my hair.

Straighteners: Read above.

Computer/books: As much as I would love to catch up on some work, I doubt there is enough time for such things, instead, I’ll be cuddling my new baby girl!

Pads: Most hospitals  will give you enough for your stay and extra to go home

Diapers: Same rule applies. The hospital will give you enough.

Pillow: I can honestly sleep anywhere so I don’t take my pillow. I guess it just goes with the fact that I don’t want to have my stuff touch the floor and have that hospital smell.







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