June 18, 2019

How to Make a Full Time Income From Home

I have been wanting to write this post for the longest time and something will always held me back. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact this is probably the only part of my life I have kept private for the past two years but it’s my hope to help each mom out there trying to live a more comfortable life and spend more of our days with our babies and this post can help you do that.

Even before becoming a mom I have always love the idea of working from home, and let’s be honest I had one too many bosses that pushed me and made that decision a whole lot easier. Once Bella came I knew I had made the right choice and it has been the best thing for our family. I won’t go on about all the details but I’m happy to say that this, unlike many scams you’ll see online is something that everyone can do with very little money in. You won’t be paying it to me or some scammy organization but it will be the first step to your new life.

So what is it?

A home daycare.

In 2012 after having what I believed was the worst boss ever, I decided that I wanted to open a home daycare. I prayed for a little bit over a month and God opened all the doors. I did the required training and 1 month later I was opening my own daycare. We were able to do so much in our home and even started a saving account. In 2015 when Bella was born things were already settled and I was at full capacity and had a waiting list.  I had the best parents in my house, had an assistant and had everything I could wish for.

In 2017 I had a car accident which forced me to close my doors but till this day my daycare has been the biggest blessing ever, but let’s get down to business.

I will list the main steps for you to achieve this and feel free to email me or DM in any of my channels for extra help.

  1. Contact your state. Your state will give you the main standards and training required. In Texas all of it is free.
  2. File your license. This is also done with your state. Depending on your education your state will grant you a license or a permit. With a permit, you’ll have few limits here and there mainly on the number of kids, while a license allows you to have more kids, which means more income.
  3. License. Once your license is filed you’ll get an inspection from the state approving your home as a daycare. I can stress enough that you look at the manual the state gives you and follow it the to T. This will allow you to pass with flying colors and get your business on track.
  4. Paperwork. This is the business part. Many people take a home daycare as a joke or as a nanny business. It’s plain wrong! Having a home daycare is a business and as a business owner, you need to have a contract, Employer Tax ID and very organized database.
  5. Set a price. As a business owner, you need to set your prices. Don’t go off with what people want to pay you. This is the biggest mistake I see people making. Go around your local daycares and do the research! How much are they charging, what do they offer, what would you like to implement in your business and pay close attention to their fails. A little secret, when I did my research I pretended I had a 16-month-old, 3-year-old and one on the way. This allowed me to see everything they had and offered.
  6. Contact a food program. Most states offer this. A food program will allow you to claim your daily food and they give you a nice little check at the end of the month. You have to use the list of food they give you, again follow their rules to the T and lastly and most importantly you’ll have monthly inspections. They will come to your house at any time of the day and make sure you are following their rules. (State also does this)
  7. Love those kids. This is my most important tip. Love those kids with your whole heart. Most will be with you more time in their days than with their parents. You have the power to change their everyday. Make it amazing. Pray over them. Teach them respect. I can stress this enough. What I would do to give each of my kids a hug and a huge kiss again.

This is it guys! Short and to the point. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at withloveclaudia@outlook.com  or leave a comment below!


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