April 20, 2019

Spring Cleaning: 4 products that will save your life

Spring is here and so it’s the need to CLEAN everything.

I don’t know if this because we have all been inside our homes for too long but as soon as March rolls around we all get the itch to spring clean. I love the idea of updating the decor and putting the sweaters away but to be completely honest I hate the cleaning part. It feels like it takes forever and lasts a few days only.

I do love to declutter and throw away everything we are no longer using but that’s about it, the part of deep cleaning and scrubbing, not my forte.

My hubby always ends up doing most of it and I typically help. (Being honest over here, he is the neat freak)

This year, I’ve grown, no joke I’m so close to thirty I can fell it in my bones, which means I have to mature and find a way to do it, and I’m happy to say I actually enjoyed it. So much I will be tackling each room of the house slowly by surely.

I’ll start with the kitchen since we basically live there.

We love our kitchen. A few months ago we celebrated our anniversary and as a gift, we decided to take renovate the kitchen a bit by taking a wall down and now that room is my favorite room. Having that open concept means it needs to be sparklingly clean at all times. That’s why we have teamed up with Walmart and Project And Gamble to show you an easier way to clean.

If you have been following me for a while you know my love for baking. I try to cook and burn almost everything but baking is my biggest passion which leaves my oven looking like a mess 100% of the time and sticky hands on cabinets, so I knew I wanted to tackle these two spots first.


This is probably the dirtiest space in every house. Oven cleaners hardly ever work, aside from filling your home with fumes and very bad chemicals. For our oven I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and as much as I bake it only took 5 minutes for me to clean the door. I grabbed a wet Magic Eraser and a dry one and went over a few times. MY oven gets a lot of use which meant it was extra dirty but looks at that difference.. I can’t wait to tackle the grill.



Our cabinets it’s something I clean often. They are dark so everything shows, but using the Magic Eraser with Dawn non-Scratch sponge I was able to get the grease out and clean all the little fingerprints by my lovely assistant. This makes a world a difference. Cabinets will look a 1000 times better


We have white porcelain floors in our kitchen, and keeping them clean is pretty easy with the right products. We use Swiffer Dry and Wet mop and have extremely clean within minutes. You have the option to use their dry pads or wet. No need to buy to products, one for dry floors and one for wet floors. I buy a lot of the extra padding and call it a day and it works both on tile/ ceramic/ porcelain or wood floors.

For all overall cleaning we have always used Bounty, it is strong! I use it to scrub on stains in our countertop, dry accidents and simple the overall kitchen helper

The best thing about all of these products it’s that all of it can be done in minutes by simply placing an online order and getting all of the supplies delivered to your front door. There is no getting the wrong item and having to go back to the store. While you are at it buy some pretty decor too.

I’ve hope you enjoy these hacks and quick kitchen cleaning options and that you are able to do it yourself and refresh your home in minutes.

We would also love to give you the chance to enter a giveaway where one of you would be able to get a gift bag full of P&G products.

Ready to join the fun and fast cleaning?

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