April 26, 2019

Indoor picnic for the hot or rainy days

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com.

The last few days the weather has been unknown, literally. Not even the weatherman gets it right.
I’ve been keeping Bella inside due to all the allergens, hello Texas, but also just to get her ready for the hot and scouring summer temps.
So when we got this box from babble box it fit our routine amazingly.

So get your blankets out and let’s enjoy a sweet picnic inside.
Let’s start with these cute baby bodysuits from Fruit of the Loom. Fruit of the Loom is our favorite for all things daddy, undies, and shirt but these onesies may top it all. I love how breathable they are and since we live in Houston that’s all we really need. Aside from that, they grow with our babies, they are designed to last up to 6 months expanding and growing with the littlest member of our clan. We put them on and the fabric was perfect.

We have been hearing about KiwiCo for a while! Its a monthly subscription of arts and crafts ideas for your little one. They have different ages and I just picked Bella’s age, the Koala crate, and received a sweet box with everything laid out and simplified. The instructions are very easy and even a mom like myself, who is always on the run is able to do.
I love that it gives me special time just with Bella since sissy needs me so much and still want to dedicate time just for her and it gives me the opportunity to do just that.



Shampoo and conditioner from Snip-Its
This is actually something that I have been researching. You see, Bella has curly hair, like really curly hair that it gets the littlest amount of moisture and poof there it goes. I blow dry it straight after bath time and by the next morning its back. With summer around the corner and sprinkler parties and pool days in our horizons who really has the time and energy?
The shampoo and conditioner from Snip-its will be lifesavers as they keep her hair soft and as tangle free as possible, on top of being all natural. And really, who does love a squeaky clean child?


Lunch Notes from Me!
Bella is at the sweet stage where everything is funny and silly. And having Lunch Notes From Me! from MyWish4U notes fit with her attitude just right. The fun facts come as a surprise to her but the little jokes bring her a huge smile. Bella will start school in August (half days) but I love the idea of sticking these into their lunch bags or boxes and giving them a little smile even when they are far.

So, are you ready for your indoor or outdoor picnic?
This will be our first summer as a parents of two and I’m looking forward to all the activities we will be doing.

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