January 24, 2019

Valentines Day Basket for Him

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Valentine’s day is around the corner and for us, it’s a very busy corner indeed. Baby sissy will be here before we know it or even on Valentine’s day if she decides to stay in, which means this mama is prepping all V-day goodies ahead of time including daddy’s Valentine’s day gift.

For the last 6-8 years, I have been doing a gift a day for the hubby starting on the 1st of February until the 14th. Nothing too big but things that make us really appreciate each other. Since our anniversary is today (01/24), Valentine’s day a few days later and my birthday a week later, and just because we like to have fun we added one girly in February and one in March, you know to keep things sweet.

Over the years the gifts have been very simple, but things I know he loves, like his favorite chocolates, gummies, slippers and just anything I know he needs with a sweet note and a corky saying. Gifts don’t have to be expensive it’s all about the sentiment behind them and this year we are making him a basket.

Valentine’s Day Basket for Him;

The key to this basket is finding things your partner loves. In my case my hubby loves sweets.

Chocolate, gummies and everything sweet and of course I included all of those.

Some goodies for his car because let’s be honest most men love their cars.

Toiletries. My husband usually has a little bag with him at work where he has an extra toothbrush, cologne, and toothpaste and I notice that he needed a replacement. If your husband doesn’t keep something like this you can always upgrade his wallet or toiletries for the house.

Talking about the house. We declutter our drawers a few weeks ago and he mentioned he wanted to get some baskets for his watches, contacts, and glasses and I got him just that. Again something he needed and will appreciate it when he sees it. If you want to be extra sweet, organize everything for him!


Lastly, I added a handwritten card and a Vanilla Gift card so he can purchase anything he wants. He’ll most likely spend it all at Home Depot purchasing things for the house.

Most of these can be purchased at one store while your running an errand, but all it matters is that our special guy feels special and we get to show him just how much we love him.

Next week I’ll be sharing a basket for kids and a few last minute items you can add yours.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s day with your partner?






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