April 11, 2018

Please Stop Cursing in Front of My Child

Hey guys!

Well, this post may be a bit controversial but it has been on my mind for a while and as much as I don’t like to be negative it has to be said!

I have been very clear in all my channels about my I’m Christianity. It’s part of my name and who I choose to be. We lead a Christ-filled life that also takes us, as a family, to make certain decisions on how we handle our selves.

For Example, we don’t do anything Halloween. We don’t go out dancing, we don’t drink and we don’t curse. We are not perfect nor do we pretend to be and as parents and I’m sure we are making a ton of mistakes too, but we try our best to be kind and keep to ourselves!

Now, lets got back to the cursing, we made the choice to not even allow Bella to wonder about curse words. I, personally, don’t think they are needed. I know one day she’ll stumble upon them and we will explain and remind her that we don’t use such words. I also understand, that not every parent chooses to do that and respect it. Don’t get me wrong I strongly disagree, but it’s not my child nor my place to tell any parent what’s wrong or right!

It does become my problem when people choose to talk like that in a public setting where there are kids. Now that gets me angry, like super angry. This has happened to us twice in the last few weeks. Both times we have been  in a public setting, with more the 6 kids around and a grown-up man, not a child or even a teen, a misbehaved adult cursing like a pirate, and guess to whom?? To his wife and teen!!

Let me be clear, in both situations, it was an adult, a parent mind you, using offensive language and being very loud. I could go on to say that both were drunk, both obviously had something going on but that would just serve as an excuse, which I will not give them.

We tried to go on about our dinner, but it was just too much vulgarity. When our waiter came we asked him to move us to another table and that was the end of it, at least for us. We enjoyed a very nice dinner and left satisfied.

But the problem remains. It remains in our kids. It remained in the other 5 kids who were sitting around this person. It shows our kids a lack of respect. It shows our kids that getting mad and saying 4820424 curse words is acceptable. That abusing others verbally is acceptable. That calling people names is completely fine.  And then we sit and wonder why teens are committing suicide due to bullying, why there is so much violence now, why have times changed?

You know why?

Because there is a man or a woman that needs a bar of soap in the mouths again! Because there is a mom or a dad that just compared their child, partner to a piece of waste. Because we have lost all respect to those around us.

Like I said above, it’s completely up to you as a person or parent, but please keep in mind those around you, keep kids in mind, keep our teens in mind. They are our tomorrow, our hope and our world!

I could go on all day, but this is the reality.

In what world do you want your child to grow in? We work endless hours for them, we changed everything about us for them, let’s take that extra step and teach them!

Let us teach the to respect and love others.

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