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March 2018

March 22, 2018

A Clean Face for a Busy Mom in 1-Minute


This year I turned 28 and I promised myself I was going to work harder on keeping a clean life. I’ve changed a few things here and there I will be sharing more of that later on but today I want to share one new item I’ve been using to maintain my skin clean.

I will stop and tell you now I’m a very simple and laid back person. I love products that fit my daily life, not products that I have to fit my life around if that makes any sense. I’m a busy and dedicating too much time to anything literally means I will only follow it for a while and not do it again!

So fast and easy is my jam! So Biore and this mask are my to go when I’m in a rush, which is most of the time! I also use their pore strips and love putting them on my hubby! most of all I love taking them off, shhhh don’t tell him!

Now, I have been using similar pore strips for years but these charcoal strips are very different and guys, I can tell the difference! Not to mention they are dermatologist tested and approved. On top of that, I love their charcoal which shows the nasty stuff so much better! :))

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As far as the mask goes, the warming sensation and the feeling of clean once its off is superb, and like stated above I love that its one-minute guys, you cant bet that! It warms up and leaves my skin very \

clean and Bella gets to laugh at my many face designs!

#porestrips #mask #momlife

To make it even sweeter you can get them at Target, need I say more, or order them from Amazon, hello Prime!

Order or pick up yours today and say hello Spring with a new clean face!