January 10, 2018

Week and weekend recap!

Hey guys!

Hope you had a great beginning of the year! We are loving everything this year has brought thus far and how big and talkative Bella has been lately.

I won’t lie, there are moments that I just want her to play the silent game but we are definitely not there yet. I starting to think that having a daughter means this.


But, I wouldn’t change it, ever. She makes me want to be and do better. She is really the joy of my life!

We are still in the process of getting settled into our new home. Almost all the boxes are in the trash and we just have a few that are out of sight. We are also prepping for our first garage sale to finally get rid of all the stuff we managed to accumulate in our old house.

But since I managed to get sick and  fall down the stairs and trip on the same day giving me a huge, ankle our new year goals and resolutions have been put on hold, until next week! I’m still keeping up with work and church by God’s grace.

We got Bella this car for Christmas and man does she love it. She had the forward and reverse part down and we are working on looking where we are going!

Lastly, because I may be behind in the laundry department but my mind is full force planning valentine’s day post and tutorials for all of you! Can’t wait to share!

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