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January 2018

January 12, 2018

Laundry Room Dreams

Let’s talk laundry rooms.

I hate them all… Really. I love the smell of clean, fresh laundry right out of the dryer but that’s it! It’s my least favorite chore, but it has to get done. Is there a laundry fairy? It would be awesome if she could take it all away and put it back clean. A girl can dream right!

So, in efforts to make laundry more pleasant, we have decided to make over the laundry room. Ok, let’s back up.

It’s not going to be more pleasant but I’ll least I’ll have a pretty and functional space to work in.

Laundry Closet

In our old home our laundry room was a hall to the garage and in the new house, the laundry room is more like a closet. It’s helpful since I can just shut the doors and none will ever know the mess behind it. I’m totally kidding, well partly kidding, but the truth is that the laundry closet is also in a hall next to our kitchen which makes it super functional to throw a load of laundry in during the day.


This is probably my biggest issue. Whoever thought that a closet or a hall was enough room for laundry definitely did not do any laundry. Well unless you are my mom who does all her laundry and puts it away in one day. I don’t know how she does it, but I’ll be working on at the entire 2018. I’m looking for something that works for our family of 3 and in the future for more little ones!


Here are a few of my inspirations and I’ll share why.


I actually know the blogger that made this and this is perfection! I might be exactly what we do! Now I just need a window.


Ok, I’m secretly in love with this! Stacking them will give me a lot more room. I would love to do a stacking system for the baskets!


I love the classic wood color mix and of course that floor! On the organization factor, I love the folding space and the baskets on the side.

I would love to see your laundry rooms or if you have any inspiration. For more of mine, you can head to Pinterest to see them all

Send me a DM on Instagram all your pictures!

January 10, 2018

Week and weekend recap!

Hey guys!

Hope you had a great beginning of the year! We are loving everything this year has brought thus far and how big and talkative Bella has been lately.

I won’t lie, there are moments that I just want her to play the silent game but we are definitely not there yet. I starting to think that having a daughter means this.


But, I wouldn’t change it, ever. She makes me want to be and do better. She is really the joy of my life!

We are still in the process of getting settled into our new home. Almost all the boxes are in the trash and we just have a few that are out of sight. We are also prepping for our first garage sale to finally get rid of all the stuff we managed to accumulate in our old house.

But since I managed to get sick and  fall down the stairs and trip on the same day giving me a huge, ankle our new year goals and resolutions have been put on hold, until next week! I’m still keeping up with work and church by God’s grace.

We got Bella this car for Christmas and man does she love it. She had the forward and reverse part down and we are working on looking where we are going!

Lastly, because I may be behind in the laundry department but my mind is full force planning valentine’s day post and tutorials for all of you! Can’t wait to share!

January 3, 2018

There is a Place

There is a place where fear has to face the God I know!

I heard this song this morning and it was just what my heart needed.  I’ve talked about this on here before but if you are new you can read more about it here. My heart has been a little fearful this past year.

Last year I lost a baby so close to me, a baby in our home daycare and it literally broke me to pieces. I have never imagined going through something like this and as much as I don’t want it to affect me I have days where it hurts too much. Where I can’t even think!

I have given that burden to God, but I would be lying if I said that I have never relived that call. Relived that moment! Relived my first the panic I felt, relived the moment where I felt there wasn’t enough air in the car for me to possibly breath in. Everything hurt, everything shattered at that exact moment!

This New Years Eve came but I came with a freedom I had not experienced in a while.

As I sat in church on Sunday my Pastor preached on fear, isn’t funny how God knows exactly what we need and when. He preached on how we are not to fear, on how we need to let those fears go to be able to not only move ahead but live the way God wants us to live. He talked about something most of us know, yet we lack the capacity to apply it.

The bibble states 366 times ” Do not Fear”. No matter the version or language do not fear is there. Even for leap years.

There, on that stage, I left my fear. I left the fear of letting Bella sleep without me. Without waking up in the middle of the night and checking on her more times than I can count to make sure I saw her breath through her belly.

As it marks the anniversary of my sweet angel’s death, I realized once and for all, God wants more from me. He wants me to trust Him fully, to give Him my all, which includes that fear.

That small fear, OK, that giant fear so it can meet my wonderful, HUGE God!

I will fell on my knees and glorified His name. Because when I’m at my lowest is when He glorifies through me!

This is not to say that my fear has miraculously disappeared but I lean on Him to be my steady ground! Maybe you too, you have fear, whether small or big but just remember the God that stands for us. He has given us the strength to make it through one more day, one more tomorrow and one more the next day!

I lean on Him to be my eyes, to be my strength and to be my all.

So what is your fear today? What has been keeping you down?

I hope you listen to this song and use your “do not fear” for today, remember that tomorrow will have it’s own and so will the next day.

If you wish to do the same please feel free to message me and I’ll pray with you and for you!

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year- 2018 Goals

Happy New Year Loves!

Hope all of you had a great New Year’s Eve! I’m so excited for the new year! A new year brings so many opportunities, so much hope and in my case so much simplicity. This year I am determined to simplify my life and everything we do.

This past year with the move we realized we have so much stuff, like really how can three people accumulate so much, and with a bigger house we don’t want the opportunity to fill it up and have even more stuff. Instead, we want to simplify our life, only use we what really need and get rid off all the things that fall into any of these categories.

  • I’ll use it when I lose weight
  • Multiple items that are the same
  • I’ll save it because I’ll need it soon
  • I’ll save it just in case

This is probably the biggest goal for this year, and it’s one that will make the rest of them fall quickly and easily into place. After reading this book, I want to clean everything and have my house be perfectly in order. Don’t know how long that will take if I’m being completely honest but a start is a start right?!

This year I want to be the best at home! What exactly does that mean? Well, change starts at home, with your people, your family. You know, the ones that have seen you at your worst and still love you! Yeah, those.

Being the best mom, wife, and daughter I can be. Being the light for them, that way they can radiate wherever they are. Changing the world one prayer at a time and one clean room at a time. (I say this one staring at my mount of clean laundry, at least is clean right)

What are your goals this year? Do you do resolutions?