January 2, 2018

Happy New Year- 2018 Goals

Happy New Year Loves!

Hope all of you had a great New Year’s Eve! I’m so excited for the new year! A new year brings so many opportunities, so much hope and in my case so much simplicity. This year I am determined to simplify my life and everything we do.

This past year with the move we realized we have so much stuff, like really how can three people accumulate so much, and with a bigger house we don’t want the opportunity to fill it up and have even more stuff. Instead, we want to simplify our life, only use we what really need and get rid off all the things that fall into any of these categories.

  • I’ll use it when I lose weight
  • Multiple items that are the same
  • I’ll save it because I’ll need it soon
  • I’ll save it just in case

This is probably the biggest goal for this year, and it’s one that will make the rest of them fall quickly and easily into place. After reading this book, I want to clean everything and have my house be perfectly in order. Don’t know how long that will take if I’m being completely honest but a start is a start right?!

This year I want to be the best at home! What exactly does that mean? Well, change starts at home, with your people, your family. You know, the ones that have seen you at your worst and still love you! Yeah, those.

Being the best mom, wife, and daughter I can be. Being the light for them, that way they can radiate wherever they are. Changing the world one prayer at a time and one clean room at a time. (I say this one staring at my mount of clean laundry, at least is clean right)

What are your goals this year? Do you do resolutions?

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