December 7, 2017

For the Hibernating mama

The weather has made a turn for the worst down here and it’s pretty close to freezing all time, which means this mama is hibernating! My Cuban blood freezes in the high 50s!¬† So if we can possible cancel today, well the rest of the week, I would be just so happy! But, guess what? That’s not happening anytime soon.


We still need to work, cook, do groceries and clean, so I have figured it out to how to at least complete one of my duties from the comfiness and warmth of my sweet bed!

That’s shopping!

Ok I know we all know how to shop online and make our husbands mad if you know what I mean, but let me show you a trick! You can actually get things for your pantry without ever having to leave your home and save!

I buy so much stuff from Walmart like this and these but I never thought of buying these and paying less, I mean way less than at the grocery store!


I made the purchase and received it just in time for my cleaning day and was able to get my kitchen cleaned before the weekend and show off our newly remodeled kitchen.

The process was super easy and everything got done while I was drinking some hot chocolate wrapped in this cute blanket!

Just a few coupons to make your shopping sweeter:






Happy Shopping!

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