December 22, 2017

Our First Home and Moving towards a New Dream


We moved!!! We packed up 1744358495 boxes and moved our whole life 5 miles down the street. :D.

Let me explain!

We purchased our first home on November 18, 2011, and it was our dream home.

It was everything we hope, wanted and dreamt off. It was more than we imagined we would be able to get but as always, God worked wonders and we got the big house, as we referred to it back then.

We loved it! I remember going to see it every day before it was finally ready. Taking tons of pictures of the process and just finding joy over an electrical outlet or sheetrock. As the years passed we made it our own changing so much from it. We changed the floors, countertops, painted it like 3 times and added our very special details to it.

A few years later we brought Bella to that home. A home that had her perfect room, with her perfect window seat, I cant tell you how many times I dreamt of her sitting in that window seat.I dreamt of fi finally having a crib in that room too many times to count and God answered. That house was filled with joy and lots of baby cries, and then high pitched screams, if you know Bella you know exactly what I mean!

Fast forward 4 years to the day I told Lester I wanted to move.

This was not something I took lightly, and he didn’t take it well, and to be honest I remember even arguing about it. But here is the thing, when you get married there are rules and standards that the Bible teaches you, one of them being the husband is the head of the home. Indeed my husband was and is the head of our home so I had to respect his decision and understood that the financial plan he had prayed for our family did not involve buying a new home when we had more than enough space at ours.

A year passed and I was rocking Bella to sleep and I received an email from Zillow (what!) and decided to check out the homes for sale in our area. Why not? We had been watching Fixer Upper like crazy and what is one to do?! 😀

And, I saw 2 beautiful homes and 1 that was way out of the price budget I had set up in my head, remember we didn’t have one, we were not selling, but sometimes God has the perfect plan for us without us knowing it.

We may not know it yet but He is always at work, and this was our case.

I sent the links to my husband and mentioned how “cute” the houses were and left it at that. On his way home he sent me a video and guess what? The video was from the houses I had sent him. They were all so close to his work and convenient enough for my friends to drop off her kids too.  He was hooked. He loved them all! But most of all we both fell in love with the one house we couldn’t afford. Doesn’t that always happen?!

But yet again, My God is so much bigger than a budget. And since I don’t want to overwhelm you with huge post check back tomorrow for the details and pictures of that way out of budget home!


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