October 1, 2017

The Juice I dont Water Down

When we first become parents we have advice coming from every corner of the universe. Some wanted and well, some thrown at us, but one that was thrown at me from the day Bella turned 1 was to always water down all the juice. Forget about the extra charge for your little energizer bunny but most juices have over 36 grams of sugar. What does that mean for us? Let’s do the math…

4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar.

S0 36 grams of sugar = 9 teaspoons of sugar!

Yeah, no, I don’t want to give that much sugar to my little baby.

Yet, today I’m about to change that for you and your kids will love you for it too.

Let me introduce to you Welch’s new 100% juice with Coconut water. 

Before trying Welch’s new 100% juice with Coconut water I would alway give Bella 2-4 ounces of juice and the rest water. No matter the juice almost half of her sippy was water. She knows is coming and would even request “agua” in her juice.

So why am I telling you to stop? Because Welch’s  new juice is not only 100% juice but also has coconut water and only 100 calories per serving.  Welch’s is cutting the sugar by 30% and only natural fruit sugars.

I feel more than safe giving this juice to my babe and she loves it.

Her favorite is the White grape and Mango and I love the Tropical Berry Grape.

So which one do you love?

Check your favorite store to get yours today!

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