August 25, 2017

Guest Post: Candice

Today I’m featuring a great and gorgeous mama I met through Instagram! I love this whole blogging world and meeting new mamas is one of my favorite things!

And guys Candice is bringing us a hair tutorial because you gotta know even though we are moms we need to always look are best.

Hi babes,

Finally I’m talking about the big “H” aka “Hair”! For those of you who know me or see my photos I’m a hair fanatic! So tonight you can shop all my hair products which I have found to be the best.  I’m extremely sensitive when it comes to my hair. I generally try to treat my hair like a prized possession.  Yes, easier said than done.  Long hair can come with hiccups as well like those unwanted knots. My hair is notorious for getting knotted even if it’s in a ponytail. So first off my tip to prevent a knotty mess is put it in a bun! Hey, I know what you’re thinking….. you’re remembering back to middle school when the librarian wore a bun. Ladies buns are back in style and extremely cute these days you can do a messy bun or a tight knotted one. Plus there are so many cute accessories to add that your hair will always look on point. See below my hair not washed in over a week full of dry shampoo.

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