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June 2017

June 15, 2017

Oshkosh Summer Fun and a Giveaway!

Giveaway sponsored by Oshkosh, but as always all opinions are my own

Put away all the chunky or slightly warm clothes, summer is here and is here to stay! As melting hot as Texas summers I’m always slightly glad they are here. Summer is probably the only time of the year the weather stays relatively the same. We don’t have to worry about sweaters and flip flops in the same week so we can call it a win.

Another win is the fact that since is so hot my kid prefers to hang out in rompers or just a diaper so can I get an Amen for a lot less laundry! #happydancemoms
For those moment when we, I mean Bella I’m sure no one wants to see me hanging out in my bra and undies all day long, have to wear clothes I’m rounding up a few of our favorites from OshKosh for your summer loving kids.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 /
And because boys have just as much fun I went ahead and round up a few of the items I would dress a sweet boy if I had one.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /
If you scroll a few post back we did a spring closet cleaning with OshKosh and our items are still going strong. As I mention in that post obsessed with washing clothes, if only the same thing applied to putting it away, so Bella’s clothes get washed after one use and all of her spring closet it is still going strong and holding up as new.
We have the white romper and it’s probably one of my favorites as is very airy and Bella doesn’t get hot! I’m also loving the stripped boy short! I may have to sneak in the boy’s section at my local store and buy it for Bella.
*mom tip: Bella has worn a few boy jeans and shorts and no one can tell the difference*
Which one is your favorite and do you have any mom tips?
Also, I have teamed up with OshKosh to give one lucky winner a $50 giftcard so click the link below to enter!

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June 14, 2017

Helping your little one through HFM

You see that spot on her cheek? That’s one of them!

As a parent, having a sick child is the worst.
 No matter the age, it breaks your heart into a million pieces and even more when there is nothing you can do about it.

Last December Bella got hand, foot and mouth disease (HFM), and I would probably go ahead and say this is the worst sickness known to a healthy child.
Everything hurts, itches and eating normal food is not an option yet you are healthy and no medicine is prescribed.
Bella got it right in between Christmas and New Years and it was the worst for both her and us.

The thing with HFM is that no medicine is actually given. It’s one of those things where you just have to let it run its course, meanwhile, this disease gets worse before it gets better.

It appears as innocent spots and before you know your child is completely covered.
Now, there are cases where the child doesn’t even seem to bother by it and others where it gets very bad.
With Bella, it began with a fever, a fever that seemed to have no limit (104.9). We took her to the ER and after waiting 3 hours without seeing a doctor we took her to the next best thing, an Urgent Care clinic. Once the doctor saw her and spotted 3 red dots on her stomach she knew right off the bat.

*There is a misconception that these spots will only appear on the hand, feet, and mouth, going by it name, but in reality, they can show up anywhere on the body*

Within a few hours, she was completely covered and the worst part began. Her fever continued, the crying started and she began to feel very, very uncomfortable. The worst part was that every time we touched her it seemed to bother her more and more, yet she wanted to be carried and held tightly.

After 3 days the worst seemed to be behind us and Bella began acting normal, but her spots continued to appear and did so for about 4 more days. She was able to eat a little better and the itching stopped. Her spots started disappearing 2 weeks in and by 4 weeks they were completely gone, and to say I was relieved doesn’t come close to reality.

As the season of HFM circles back around we are taking every precaution possible to avoid it happening again, and I want to share with you how we are doing it and also a few tips that can help if your child already has it.

To prevent it is pretty simple, yet even more simple to catch.
– Wash hands after being in any public setting, specially splash pads and parks. Remember that germs reproduce in hot areas. This may be anywhere! Our daughter caught it from her cousins at my mom’s house.
– Use a lot of disinfectants. We carry a bottle of this in the car and always have Baby Ganics in our diaper bag. Bella loves this one as is a foam.

When your child has it:
– Ask your doctor for a prescription mix of Benadryl and Maalox.
This was our saving grace. This allowed Bella to sleep, eat and be a bit happier for a while. I was honestly afraid to give it to her since is does have Benadryl, but according to our doctor  (and the web of doctors, if you know what I mean), the amount of Benadryl is lower than the recommended dose going by your child’s’ age.
– Pick up at your local pharmacy (or you can always order it online here) Calamine Lotion and feel free to spread it as much as possible. This helped Bella with the healing, scarring, and ITCHING!
– This is the time to spoil them! Give them lots of TLC. Like I stated above, doctors don’t give medicine for this so only our love can make them feel better.
– To avoid any scratching we used cotton these PJs.
– Squeezy pops, Outshine fruit bars anything and everything cold.

Hope these tips help, but as always if you have any further questions feel free to email me!

 *This post contains some affiliate links. With a purchase from these links a small commission can be made, which helps keep this blog running. Thank you for your support*

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June 8, 2017

Chatting over coffee : chapter 1

When I first started this blogging endeavor I, like we all do, had all hope in the world.
 I wanted to write every day, wanted to learn more, to meet more people and to really become more in every sense of the word.
I wanted to be that change and to become that change I so eagerly looked in this world for, but (isn’t there always one) I got caught up in the prettiness of blogging. The numbers, the likes and even the comments, and somewhere along the way I forgot to use my voice. I forgot why I started this in the first place.
And I got on this train, well actually, I followed every train that left the station headed somewhere, and 6 months into this adventure I pretty much felt a little lost.
It was only a few days ago, after a very hard day that all of this hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a pretty exhausting day at work, Bella was just topping off the points on the don’t list and I was so tired of putting her in timeout that even I needed one.

 I put her to sleep after crying my eyes out and took a very much needed bath. Completely relax with a book in hand I encountered the One and Only with my truth. 
The truth that hurts even just thinking about it, I wasn’t being honest with myself, and that is all going to change. I want my social media channels to truly represent me, to be like a picture of my life. My very messy yet beautiful life!
As I hit my 6-month blogging mark, I also want to accomplish my mark in this world, my mission and one of the biggest reason why this blog came to be. 
I realize I had never written this down and I’m more than ready to do that now, 6-months down the road, but better late than never.
If we were to meet in real life this is how I would introduce myself if we were to chat over coffee
Hi, I’m Claudia Estrada, Bella’s mama, and Lester’s wife.
I’m a Christian, business owner and dreamer. 
I was born in Cuba and raised in Texas.
When I was little my mom use to tell me I lived in la-la land and sometimes I still think I do. 
I love holidays, decorating and crafting.
I always color inside the lines, but every once in a while I will go outside, just to remember that it is and it will always be ok.
I dream of writing and even recording videos of our daily life. Of having a journal to look back on one day. 
I’m a total people pleaser, I hardly ever say no and when I do you can always change my mind. 
My heart is in serving, my Lord, my family and friends.
I hope you follow me on this journey and be on the lookout for some changes to this little corner in the following months.
So as they say, this just got alot more personal and I hope you enjoy it just the same if not more!