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May 25, 2017

Rachel Parcell new Line: Shop for less

Have you guys heard of Rachel Parcell?!
 She is the genius behind Pink Peonies and the creator of the Rachel Parcell line. A  clothing line that is as beautiful as it comes.  It’s full of lace, beautiful ruffles, full skirt and just girly pieces.
Can you tell I’m in love?
But, let me be completely honest, as much as I do love her line I wouldn’t be able to buy more than one piece from her line.
Because I can’t bring myself to spend $100 on one single item.
Now don’t get me wrong, I have spent more than $100 on clothes but ever since I could remember I have been the girl that spent her money in Ross or Marshalls or TJMaxx. 
Meaning I’m a clearance rack lover. I prefer to spend those same $100 on a few items instead of one. There are items I know are worth it and I make the exception but other than that I will shop for less.
8 out of 10 things I wear were found on the clearance rack of any and every store you can think of.
I don’t know if it’s the way I was raised but is just not in me.
 Now I don’t have a problem buying anything for my daughter, husband or family at that price, but when it comes to me I just can’t!
So what do I do? I find myself something the same style for less, which bring me to the topic of this post.
I will post the original and my shop for less option. Now please remember, these pieces are expensive for a reason! Their fabric is probably better quality and longer lasting.
At the bottom of each picture I have included the items name and link. All of these links are affiliate links.
 What does that mean?
That if you purchase from any of these links I get a certain percentage helping me maintain this blog. The same goes to for everything listed on the Shop tab.
Thanks for supporting this blog! 😉

     1. Chambray dress/ 2.Tee dress / 3. Ruffle tee / 4. Pleated skirt / 5.Daisy top/ 6. Lace top/ 7. Lace dress / 8. Peplum skirt

     1. Chambray dress/ 2.Tee dress / 3. Ruffle tee / 4. Pleated skirt / 5.Daisy top/ 6. Lace top/ 7. Lace dress / 8. Peplum skirt

I have a few extra items listed on my  “Shop” Tab above. Go check those out and tell me what you think!
One thing I may get from the original, if it every goes on sale,is the daisy top! 
It’s so gorgeous and delicate!  
Happy shopping!
What brands do you love?
May 23, 2017

Winging it Mama: Red Baroness

Terrible two is real guys, don’t let anyone else tell you different!  Is a stage alright and one that’s really hard for this mama.

I passed the sleep regression, teething and the I just don’t want to sleep phase but this one is really kicking my butt. The constant contradiction and I do whatever I want is just too much and yet, shh don’t tell anyone, is so funny.

I get a lot of “it’s not funny mama” or “not right now” but then the sweetness takes over and we have a #sourpatchkid.  And today was one of those days, you know the kind where everything worked itself the right way to turn my day int a complete chaos.

Imagine this, we just came back from a weekend away, letting her have fun at the beach, missing some ZZZ and a boat load of laundry so needless to say dinner was not happening on my watch.

We threw all cares to the wind, ignored the pile of laundry, thawed food waiting to be cooked and never-ending to-do list and went on a family walk and enjoyed the stillness of the afternoon after it had been raining all day. It was such a good decision. And to make it even better when we got home we warmed up the oven and made the perfect afternoon even better with some Red Baron 4 Cheese Pizza.

After a few minutes and a nice bath for mama and Bella, we were able to sit down and enjoy a yummy and quick dinner with no fuss. It’s just what we need. Motherhood is hard enough, dealing with kids and I’m sure dealing with adults, from their point of view, is hard enough to on top of that try to be perfect.

So join my wing team and let’s wing it together, let’s kick the whole perfect mom with the perfectly clean house to the corner and let’s enjoy our kids, the dirty floor and mess of a house for one day, maybe two, and live the WINGING IT life.!

Joining me in this winging it life is Red Baron new #Wingmama Red Baroness. She accompanies us mamas through the rough days and makes her own rules and conquers meal time.

Let’s share our war stories, your day to day hardships and let’s enjoy our kids, our life our mess, and be sure to use #wingmama  and Red Baroness will choose 3 readers for a chance to win a free pizza.


May 22, 2017

Moms’ Special Every Day Helper

I have received information and materials from ©Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. 2017.The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post. #ForWhatMattersMost #CollectiveBias

How many times have you heard the phrase “Again Mama Again”?
And just how many times have you done whatever it is they are asking for again and again and again?!
That what us mamas do! Right? We live for this!

We get kicked in the belly, face, and any part of the body more than a professional soccer player
We get peed on more than the regular fire hydrant.
We get less sleep than any college party goer.
We get punched more than a boxer.
We are their couch, chairs and every piece of furniture in a single household.
We are their own and private exercise gym as our limbs work as balance beams for them any time of the day.
We work as private clown and entertainers during the worst and best days.

But I guarantee you that if you ask any mom out there and I really mean ANY they would re-assure you that THIS is the best and yet the hardest job in the world!
Starting from the moment they are born until the moment we die and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

My Bella was born through C-section (you can read more of that here) and the point where my epidural was inserted hurts more than I would like to admit. When it’s cold, when it’s humid, when I overwork, or simply when I carry her too much, but one of the most important guidelines of mommyhood is never let anything hold you down and that I sure follow!

Ever since Bella turned 2 those headaches, back pain and regular muscle have increased as we are running all the time, carrying a bigger load and having a lot more fun. So how do I keep up with her? Here are my tips.

1. Always, always have a plan. 
    Kids get even more restless when they are bored, so keeping them busy and having a schedule is key.

2. Be sure to leave some room for free time.
    I know, this goes against #1 but honestly as adults we have trouble keeping up with our schedules imagine a little kid.

3. Don’t miss a nap time.
    Yes, we still do nap-times and sometimes we even do two naps a day. We try our best to keep these on a schedule as well because this mama needs her rest at night too.

4. Have a handy helper.
    My handy helper is TYLENOL®. For my headaches, back pain and regular muscle pain I have in my days I have Extra Strength TYLENOL ® and of course a trip to Target, which usually is a great stress reliever. For those moments where she wants me to push her on the swing “one more time” where she wants me to hold her a certain way “again Mama” I have TYLENOL® and I’m not afraid to use it.

5. Go out and have playdates, mommy, and kid dates or just meet up with your mama tribe.         Parks work best for days like these or if you have a nice backyard with some fun games get your mamas together and join the fun. Let the kids tire themselves while you and your friends enjoy a yummy drink like the watermelon water below.

All you need is a few watermelon chunks and lots of water. 
Step 1: Find a great watermelon. It is said that a good watermelon had a brown spot from sitting on the ground. So if you like them sweet you know what to look for.
Step 2: Slice a good wheel. Yes, you can definitely add as much or as little as you want. I slice a big one as I love to add a lot of pieces and I even add a few on my daughter’s cup. 
Step 3: Add them to your cup and fill with joy a.k.a water. 
And the last step add ice!
Tip: Want to make it a little fancier? Get a seedless watermelon and chop the whole thing and throw it in your blender with a cup of ice for a smoothie goodness.

Watermelon Water
1 Cup of chopped Watermelon (you can even try lemon-lime soda or ginger ale)
8 oz of water
Ice to your choosing

Now tell me what does your little one ask for over and over again?

I am not a medical expert, and this post is not medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. ©Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. 2017. The third party trademarks used herein are trademarks of their respective owners
May 15, 2017

A little Monday laugh!

Research shows that women speak around 20,000 words a day compared to men who only speak around 7,000 and as much as I like to disagree with this, I can’t! 

My husband jokes around and says that he only really talks about 3000 to 4000 a day and then I use his remaining and since a picture is worth a thousand words here are a few so you can be the judge!

And I think Bella is also following my footsteps! This girl can TALK.  ðŸ™‚
And what’s even funnier that all of these are just from one day! Just a shot of 30 -40 minutes. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and that it made your Monday just a little better!
Hope you all have a great day! GB
May 13, 2017

Friday Favorites!

This post contains some affiliate links. With a purchase from these links I make  a small commission, which helps keep this blog running.Thanks in advance. The items on this post from Jane were gifted for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own.

Happy Friday!
Hope you are all as anxious as we are for the weekend. Weekend are really big for us and especially with the amazing weather we have been having lately.
We are doing as many outside activities as possible before it gets to melting hot, AKA Houston.

Last weekend we visited the zoo and just like last year it was a big hit for all of us, well mainly Bella, let me sit in a stroller while being pushed for 10 miles and it would be a hit for me too. 😉  She loves all the animals and just can’t get enough of the petting zoo area.  She also fed the giraffes and kept asking for more lettuce.
We don’t visit any of the snakes or bug areas because I despise them but I’m sure it won’t be long until she asks to go in. We got our yearly membership so you’ll be able to find us there multiple times this year

I wanted to share a few things we are loving lately and hope you love them too.

The new Starbucks Midnight Mint Mocha. I had it this week and man was it good. #mintlover

This Swimsuit from Gap. I’m usually not a fan of long sleeve, Texas heat, but this is just so adorable.

Staying on the swimsuit topic I may or may not have picked up this pretty for the summer. Anything to hide the C-section pouch

These cute sandals from Old Navy for Bella.

We got this rocker a while ago and if you follow us on Instagram you have seen it before but Bella loves it and is constantly on it

And this sign from Jane home decor section is the latest addition to our office. There are so many items to choose from and for a great price. Can’t wait to show you our office. We also got a few mother’s day little items from their daily deal section too.

I’m loving these two. The fact that he lets her do whatever she wants.

And lastly this post! Guys, I’m in love with all the pictures! I have a few more to post from this shoot.

Happy weekend friends!