March 8, 2017

Meet Rocco

If you follow us on Instagram you have probably met the newest member of our family.
Luke Rocco. 





We are adjusting to a new member and one, in fact, that requests so much attention but bring oh so much love. This sweet little puppy has brought me to my knees cleaning, haha, but has also sort of convinced me to like dogs.

I have honestly never been a dog person but Lester and Bella sure are, and with Bella’s doggie obsession we were happy to.

This sweet guy was Bella’s Christmas present and let me tell you they sure do love each other.
Rocco still doesn’t know how he feels about Bella 100% of the time as she chases him around the house but about he is about 45% sure love her.

Ever since getting him we took him to the doctor to trim his ears, apparently is something people do, and given him all his shot and he is a new doggie! He has grown so much and so has our love for him.

Isn’t he cute, though?

Look forward to reading more about him and seeing his cuteness on the blog as well!


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