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January 2017

January 16, 2017

My Faith; a Christian blogger

Is not something I talk about much, but definitely need to.
Is such a huge part of me and my life that it boggles me that it has taken me this long to actually sit down and write about it. Write about my faith and God. Maybe is the fact that I will be spilling all my insides for everyone to see and read. Or maybe the fact that as a 26-year-old I still get self-cautious.

Not to say that I am or ever have been in the business of hiding my faith or my God, but it is something I’m very sure many will not understand. At the same time is something so personal that it’s hard to explain.

Personal, because not everyone has had that encounter that leaves you thinking and full of the Holy Spirit. That encounter that makes you doubt everything you have worked for and leaves you with a new set of thoughts. Thoughts that you have never had before, things that you have never imagine but yet so full of love and easy to understand.

A little bit ago I sat in a classroom full of students trying to explain what and how the Holy Spirit works. As I explained to them what the Holy Spirit means to me and that deciding moment where you realize what and who you really are I couldn’t help but tear up.

My eyes were full of tears as I tried my best to explain what I’m about to explain to you.

To me this is the basis of a relationship with God.
Is that moment where in the middle of a song, prayer or preaching you feel the light deem low, feel everyone dissapar and get this warmth all over you body that makes you just want to fall on your knees and surrender everything you are to the one and only God.

Is as simple as falling in love.

Is that amazing feeling of “feeling complete”. The feeling of finally getting it. Getting that you may never fully understand God but you will follow Him and dedicate to Him, to glorify Him in every situation.

I wont lie. Being a christian is not easy.  Like I said, it’s like falling in love.
In love you choose to love everyday no matter what.
With God you choose to believe in Him not matter what.

Just this week I’ve been having a few situations shake me to my core. One of them being Bella getting sick. She is usaally a very strong child, stronger than me, many many times, but this virus got her down, very down.
I’ve prayed more than usual these last few days. I found myself praying most of the day over her but she has not been getting better. On the contrary she is expressing more pain that has ever expressed.
My mama heart hurst!
Daddys heart hurts too.
Just today I brooke down to tears. I literally cried like a baby to my husband over the phone.
I dont understand why she ins’t getting better, why this is happening to her, why not me and most importantly why God hasnt answered my prayer….

And then I remember a preaching I heard last week… About God’s time.
About how His time is not my time and how He is still God.
HE is still the God that saved me.
The God that saved Bella’s life.
The God that has kept my marriage afloat.
The God that made me a mom and honestly my list could go on forever.
God is still God. He knows what He is doing and when He is quiet I know He is working.

So to you, my friend, to you the one that doesn’t believe, yet.
To you, the one who still has questions.
To you, that doesnt understand it all, I tell you this….

God is still God. Through our worries, hardship, dark times.
He is there.
Quietly listening.
Quielty waiting for us to be quiet and understand that He is working.
He is always at work.
That you will never be alone. If you choose to have Him in your heart, if you choose to let Him in He will always be there for you.

In those hard moments, just like mine, close your eyes and ask Him to please show you how, and I’m more than sure you’ll feel the warmth I talked about. You’ll feel Him hugging you. Telling you to trust him.

Please feel free to email me if you wish to take that step or need any kind of prayer at all!
Love you and God bless!

January 13, 2017

Playroom hopes and dreams

Before we got pregnant our friends would joke about the fact that our house was always neat.
No toys, no mess!
Everything had a place and everything was in its place.

And then Bella came….

Our life was completely changed and we loved every single aspect of it. Her room was a dream. Everything was white or off-white with hues of purple and gold. Our room had her packing play with a few cubbies organized with wipes, diapers, and other necessities. Around the house, we didn’t have any colored toys or swings or bouncers. We had our 4Moms mama roo and a high chair that matched perfectly with our dining room set and then….. We had a 21-month old who loves toys and like any other toddler loves to leave them all over the house.

We have tried our best to pick up the toys but after doing it 20 times a day it gets tiring.  I have also tried to just leave them there and have her pick them up but after stepping on too many legos I stopped thinking that was a good idea, well it really never was right?!

Insert our office…

Our office is never used, hence the reason why we got laptops, it’s usually the put in room. What does that mean? That it works more as a storage.

In our hopes to figure it out, we came up with the idea to use the office as a playroom/ office. Our only issue is that our office is relatively small so we have to come up with ways to fit everything.

 I naturally headed to Pinterest to find ideas and here is what I found!

We want to pretty space to work in it but also fun enough for her to enjoy being there and hopefully keep the mess in one room instead of the whole entire house.

And if you have any tips, please share them, believe me we need it!

Hope you guys have an amazing Friday!

January 5, 2017

Setting New Year Goals and keeping them!

Getting healthy and losing weight is usually on everyone list of goals or resolutions for the new year. Honestly was it in yours?
I can tell you for sure that it has been on my list of goals for years and years, but this year I reaching it, proclaiming it 😉 early, by eating better.
As much as I try I have yet to become a gym person or someone who like to exercise. Believe me, I have tried but it just doesn’t happen. I like to be active so I’ll continue trying to find something that motivates me but in the meanwhile changing the way I eat will suffice.
If you haven’t noticed by our blog name, I’m a sugar addict. 
I love everything that has sugar.
Cupcakes, chocolate, marshmallows, cake and even fruit you mention it and if it has sugar I love it!

But a new year calls for some changes, and one of them is cutting my sugar intake at least in the mornings making my breakfast options not only hard but limited in my books!  Did I mention I don’t eat eggs!? Well, now you understand better. I need something other than muffins!
And then the light bulb went off! 
While in Guatemala, we had something called “mosh“. Is basically a runny oatmeal, and it was delicious. 
I decided to try it with Post ® Better Oats oatmeal at home, so here is a finger licking good recipe. The best thing about oatmeal is that it fills you up and keeps you full and satisfied longer, not to mention the fact that they have different flavors that keep you wanting more.
My favorite is the Cinnamon and Apple. It gives me my sugar fix and keeps me moving and full longer!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and dont forget to share with your friends the recipe and of course this coupon! 😉

What’s your favorite breakfast?
January 4, 2017

2017 here we come!

Happy 2017!

Hope you all had an amazing week with friends and family.The time between Christmas and New Year is one of my favortie times. Everyone is off work, enjoying their family and of course gifts. We spend more time togethrn than usual as we look forward whats to come in the following year. The new adventures, dreams and of course goals.
All this can be added up to resolutions, even though I rearly make any I do make goals to improve myself and many other things around me.
I tend to see resolutions as something that we say but never really do or is it just me?
When I was a teen I would make a so-called resolution and the next day it was literally down the drain.

But this 2017 I have made some goals that I really want to work on and be the best I can be in certain areas. 2016 was a big year, one that brought us sadness and a lot of happiness. We got to accomplish many goals and new unexpected ones too. It brought me a moment I will never forget, a moment that has marked my life forever and a moment that has made me a better mother.

We made a big trip to Guatemala and I will even go as saying I may or may not end up moving there and living the Guatemalan way. I fell in love with their art, clothing and the land. Living surrounded by mountains is a dream of mine.

We also decided to stay in our house for few years more. This decision was one that it honestly took a while for me but like I always, I do believe God will show us otherwise if it’s not what he wants for our family. I will talk more about this as we make some changes to our house to make it fit us even better.

I official own the title of being a blogger. This means I will not be stopping any time soon, on the contrary I will be writting more. Whether at night or early mornings this blog is here to stay and I couldnt be happier about it!

I also after a year and a half hit my before pregnancy weight which lead me to be and feel more myself again. I’m confident, or so, about my body and I cant wait to make it even better.

This 2017 I have alot more goals, a lot more hopes and a lot more faith.
I wont list our goals on here but I will leave you with my word for the year.

 I want to be intentional!

I want to do everything with a purpuse. To be the best I can be. To enjoy every single second with my family. Not just to be there, one more person in the group, no I want to be the person God made me to be.
That may mean me saying no to many things I’m use to saying yes and vice versa but I believe is going to be a good year.
A year were God will shows us who He wants us to be and accomplish that exactly.

What are your goals for this year? Do you make resolutions?

January 2, 2017

An angel!

This post will go down in my history as the hardest post to write, to date.
Is also one that I wish none has to write or even experience in one bit.
Is the one I have no words for, the one I have no idea how to start or even end.
It is truly any family’s worst nightmare.

Many of you don’t know this but I have a home daycare. That’s my full-time job and is one I enjoy and love. I have been taking care of kids for most of my life, starting in our church’s nursery,  to daycare job that inspired me to open my own daycare.

When we bought our house in 2012, we converted our garage into a play room and have never looked back. After having Bella my job become more and more convenient and Bella loves that she has so many friends on a daily basis.  I would even say that she gets a little sad on weekends when we stay in and she is by herself.

We work with 9 kids plus Bella and there are difficult days and very easy days, but each one of the kids has a very special place in my heart. I love them all. I love their quirks, craziness, and silliness. I’m a doctor that kisses boo-boo to make them better, I’m an artist who draws the perfect (in their eyes) kitty or rainbow, the cook that cooks their yummy meals (not every day lol), but most of all I’m their daycare mom.

Just like I did with my own daughter, I feed them, changed their diaper, potty train many. I have watched them learn to crawl, walk, teeth and much more. I spend my days with them. 12-8 hours a day I’m with them. Five days a week. Playing, screaming, singing and teaching.

So when I got the call on NYE that one of those kids, my kids, my babies had passed away in their sleep my heart sank.  I don’t have the words to express what I’m feeling, the pain my heart has and the fact that I can’t find a way out of this horrible nightmare. (Name or pictures have not been included; Daycare Regulations)

This is something none should ever have to go through.

My mama heart aches.

For the past 2 days, I have been surrounded by prayers, bible verses, and hugs from my husband and family. As hard as it is does life continues. As broken as I am now, I know God has a plan and a purpose for this. I know He is my strength and my everlasting rock.
And it’s my turn to be that pass that strength to others and even more to pass God’s word.

Even though I haven’t fully processed what happened or even how it happened I have to be strong. As a mom I know that mom needs someone next to her that’s strong, that knows exactly what she is going through but none the less a strong shoulder. My kids tomorrow will also need a strong teacher, a strong mother, and doctor. The people around me on a daily basis also need me to be strong.

Like everything in this world God has an answer and through this He will also show me an answer and strengthen me once again.

So to my sweet angel in heaven, I love you babe, with all my heart, and I will forever remember you.
You have taught me one very important thing and that is to live every moment and love every second. To enjoy my time as a mom and daycare mom, to ignore the rules more often than not, to forget schedules, to kiss more and love more.
I thank God that I got to meet you, to love you and care for you. You were truly an angel.

Aside from a very sad post, I hope this post inspires you too. To love more, to be more present, and to ignore the mess and just love.