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January 2017

January 31, 2017

The Big Day for our City: Houston the Big Game is here

Have you heard? Our city, Houston is hosting the big game and we are going crazy about it.If you missed my post last week Macy’s is celebrating big and we are , again, joining us for the Pre-Game celebration at Macy’s End Zone.

Last Saturday Macy’s had chef Bryan Caswell show us some amazing, and delicious recipes for the big game. I will be showing off some of my, new learned, skills tomorrow when I bring you a game day recipe inspired on what I learned on Saturday, but starting on Thursday February 2nd Macy’s is taking it big and having some great events for all to enjoy so get you calendars our and join us for some fun.

  •  This Thursday you can join me at Meet the Players starting at 2PM in theMacy’s in Houston Galleria and where we will meet some of the players and later on at 6pm that day we will meet Jim Brown, Pro Football Hall of Famer. Exciting right!
  • With qualifying  purchases you can get their autographs.. Umm hello amazing!!
  • Game day ready gifts will be available and will also help you “score” a  clear tote or leather coasters. 

Saturday Feb 4th is the day for the family. Activities include

  • Face Painting
  • Crafts
  • Music
  • A nail gaiting Station for all your sweeties.
Are you ready for the fun?

Details  and address for all of the events below
Location: Macy’s Galleria Houston
Starting: Thursday Feb 2nd- Feb 4th
Time: Starts at 2pm
For more details visit Macy’s end Zone
Hope to see you all there!
And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Insta- stories to follow us during the event!

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

January 30, 2017

Laundry Room: Making a house a Home Series

Part of Making a House a Home series we have to touch the most hated room in every house.
The laundry room.
It hunts all of us but we needed it oh so much.
As much as I do hate doing laundry the joy clean smell clothes bring to me is out of this world.

This ready is pretty ugly, as much as we have tried to fix it up is juts never pretty so this room will get a facelift.

In our house, our laundry room is the connecting room to the garage, our home daycare, so its even more important that it always be clean and clear.
But at the same time is a very small room or hallway, so we have to be smart with our storage solutions and choices of colors.
Here is some inspiration from Pinterest and we hope to have it completed quite soon.


And then here are my laundry dreams….



We can all dream a little right?!
This spacious room is amazing, and the basket storage is over the top. Great way to separate the clothes and set it there ready for the wash.


The thing about most of this pictures is the board on top on the washer and dryer to be able to set my baskets and fold clothes. The cabinets to put in the soap and softener and honestly to hid a bit of the mess and missing socks.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who loose all if not most of the socks. I always end up with only one sock, when I know I put two inside.  I just really hope all of them are together somewhere, maybe laughing at me. :))

But, back to the laundry room can’t wait to add this to our list and have it finished.
To check out more ideas go follow my Laundry Room Ideas Pinterest board!

January 24, 2017

Daddy and Daughter Date with Janie and Jack

Thank you Janie and Jack for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

From the moment we knew that we were having a girl Lester always mentioned having a daddy- daughter date and honestly nothing made me happier. 
And now I love their love for one another. 
His love for her honestly made me love him so much more if that is possible. 
Bella cannot get enough of him. 
She cries when he leaves and is pretty much obsessed with him.
When he gets home from work she runs to him like she hasn’t seen him in days and is constantly requesting to call him at work.

Their love amazes me.
It is so important for us as parents to realize that we need to help our daughters know their worth. 
To know how a man is supposed to treat as queens.
To know who they are so they never loose their identity. 
To know what love feels like so they never wonder in the world feeling unloved.
To fall in love with a Godly man. 
Most importantly to give them an idea what to look for in a man. 
And daddys do that! Every dad has the power to not only be a dad but also an example. To teach daughters about themselves and the world around them.

We want our daughter to have a great husband, someone who truly loves her and will always be on her side, supporting her and taking care of her and she sees that in her dad. 
We both believe that this will always be the best foundation for her beautiful heart and, God permit, a one time in a million marriage.
This Valentine’s day they are going out on a date a few days before and I wanted to do a something special for both of them and this shoot made my heart smile. They will be going out to do some fun things just them two. 
When thinking of an outfit for Bella  Janie and Jack, as you can probably tell for our Instagram was the only choice. The hard was picking from the  Forever Valentine Collection. 
Every time we got to our local store I have to contain myself from buying the whole store. Their outfits are timeless pieces that look like adult clothes and every detail makes them even prettier. Not to mention the quality of their clothing is the best. I’m the overprotective mom that has to wash every single outfit before, and after each use and their clothing keeps their shape and color. 

Look at that bow detail! Love it! Just so so girly!

And guys really what not to love about their Forever Valentine’s collection? 
The best thing about Janie and Jack is the there a one stop shop, you can dress your kids from head to toe, yes that cute bow and those ballerina shoes are theirs too! 
I know, I know so so cute!


What do you love from Janie and Jack?
Which is your favorite outfit?
January 20, 2017

22 months of Bella

My sweet Bella is 2 months away from being 2 years old and I cant get over it.

She has brighten our life in such a way! 
After being married for 5 years having our sweet pea, as we use to call her before we knew she was a girl, has really made life so much sweeter!

This girl is the definition of happy. She always has a smile on. She is wild at heart. She wants to do things her way and has alway been so independent.  Loves to say thank you and please. Cracks us up with the things she comes up.  She is the cleanest yet messiest girl in the world. She hates messy food situations. Hoping we can actually have a cake smash this year. Last year she HATED it! She hates having her hair brushed or when we dry her hair.

Still, to this day, loses her voice when she laughs. Loves to sit and color but using only pens.
She is a stuff animal lover.
Has become a great mama. Has to have a blankie for her babies at all time.
Rocks them, signs to them and even kisses them to sleep, like we do to her.
Loves to praise God and always always says AMEN when we pray. 
Loves to eat french fries, insert embarrassed mom!
Can count to 8 and always skips 4. 🙂
Thinks every meat is chicken.
In love with her Christmas present, Rocco.
She figured out where everyone lives somehow, even though her carseat is facing backwards. When we got to the places we visit recent, before we get her out or even open the door she knows where we are at and says the name of the person.

Loves to say she has to go pee but never does.
Everything that hurts or bothers her is an itsy bitsy spider. Even buggies. She says “mama itsy bitsy spider in nariz, nose.
Speaks Spanish and English and understand both.
She loves books. 
And can make you laugh even when making trouble! :))

We received a pair of Freshly Picked moccs and they have quickly become her favorite pair of shoes. Just this weekend she wore them twice. Yes, two days straight!

As a mom, what I love about them is the fact that I can match them up with anything and they are comfortable enough that she requests them multiple times. And honestly what more can a mama ask?!

We ordered the Rose Gold in a size 5 which was a bit big, but girlfriend has chunky feet so we usually order up one or two sizes and 5 was perfect.

Here is how we styled them up this weekend…

Daddy giving Bella kisses

I promise she was happy, she has just woken up.

I love the color, and since Valentine’s day is coming up I can stop thinking about all the pink outfits we will wear!

Also, check out Instagram for a chance to get a pair of your own! 😉 
***We were given a pair of Freshly Picked moccs to review and Lovely Sprouts blocks. As always all comment and opinions are my own***
January 20, 2017

The truth behind our Cupcake Home and a Macy’s Free Special event

The truth is: I’m a horrible cook.
 No lie there.
 I can’t cook for my life. 
Even my water burns.
I have tried it multiple times and it just doesn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong I try to cook everyday  and some days is good and other day is just plain bad.
 My poor husband pretends that the food is actually good but Bella tells me “mama all done”
Well thanks hon 🙂
Now, when it comes to baking is a whole different story. Baking is a set recipe, is something decadent and no matter what sugar always tastes good, even burnt. I can follow any recipe and it always turns out so so good!
 One dish that I can actually cook is lasagna (does it count since is baked?) but it is all thanks to my mother in law who stood by me, teaching me the recipe and it turns out so good every single time.
If you are anything like me and you have to learn from an actual person Macy’s has got your back.
This coming Saturday, January the 28 at 3 pm in Macy’s in Galleria Houston will be hosting the Culinary Council in which chef Bryan Caswell will throw it down in the kitchen with some game day dishes to prepare us for the big game.
 He will be sharing some tips and tricks, and I know I can use all the help I can get. 
On top of that, if you RSVP you will get a $10 Macy’s card and if you purchase $35 or more in their Home Department you’ll get a picture with the chef himself and a special game day gift. Chef Bryan 
participated in Food Newtwork “The Next Iron Chef” and won Food &Wine  Best New Chef Award!
Keep in mind this is a free event but seating is limited don’t wait to RSVP later. Mark it on your calendar and go out to support a fellow Houstonian while enjoying some perks for you too!
Best part? You get to practice his recipes for an entire week before the big day! 
Hope to see you there.
                                         Location: Macy’s Galleria Houston, TX , Pop-Up Kitchen Level 2
5135 W Alabama St.
Houston, Texas 77056
Date: January 28th, 2017

Time: 3pm-5pm

“This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”