December 16, 2016

Save on Christmas shopping and more

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If you are anything like me you still have Christmas shopping to do and Christmas outfit to buy as well. I literally do this every year. The last thing I get is my outfit and every year I tell myself “I’m going to change that for next year” but never really do.
We got Bella’s Christmast outfit in September guys, September. Now if I could only do that with mine.

But this year I got an extra hand, I got Groupon.
Groupon Coupons tuhat is! Groupon Coupons work online and in stores. It has every store you could think from Gap (one of our favorites) to Rue21 (hello Chrismas dress shopping) and Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe Is the perfect store for those stocking stuffers we have not done!Without to mention the fact that their shoes are always amazing and well priced. So imagine 20% of that? Or Sweaters for $15. Well, that’s Charlotte Russe for you, and just like that, the deals are endless.
Image result
In my books, there is no better way to shop. Amazing stores and out of this world coupons. Go check out the Coupon tab on your Groupon app and if you don’t have the app here is the link!
 Hurry there is only 9 sleeps until Christmas! 

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