December 22, 2016

Chocolate Coffee Cranberry Cake

Happy Christmas week my loves,

Today I want give you one of my favorite recipes. A chocolate coffee cranberry cake.

You read right!

The 3 “C” cake is one of the best and easiest cakes ever.

I made two of these as Bella also loves cake, but we choose to not give her caffeine if you get what I’m saying. Girlfriend doesn’t really need it, like ever, but it it was a big hit with everyone.

Like almost every other cake I do I love to use box cakes, I know most people have mixed feelings about them but I love them. I shared my secret before to making them taste like a homemade cake here, and this recipe is not much different.


Follow the instructions on the box and remember to switch the oil for cold butter and add a pinch of vanilla. To make the adult version of this cake use 2 tbs of your coffee and mix before baking. This time around I used Hills Bro Cappuccino Double Mocha and bake.

Guys, if you love the smell of coffee, this is the cake for you!

Once done I added some fresh, washed cranberries, we gave it a little sugar dust and viola!




Doesn’t it look beautiful? Well, it tastes amazing too.

Hope you have a great Christmas week!

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  • Meredith Breitenbach

    Omg this looks AMAZING!!! I love your pics!!

    December 28, 2016 at 5:14 pm Reply
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