October 19, 2016


On a daily basis we are committed to many things. 
I’m committed to being a mother, taking care of the kids in my home-daycare, being a daughter , a granddaughter, a cook, a homemaker, a christian and the list could go on and on, but to me, one of the most important commitments is to my husband.


Lester and I got married right out of school, high school for me that is.
YES I married my high school sweetheart at the age of 18 and never looked back!
In realty we fit perfectly in every divorce rate, got married young, from different ends of the world and an age gap.

Has that stopped us for a single sec? No
He is the man of my life, my forever partner and definitely my better half.
He works endless hours, he provides for our family and is always there to support me. He has taught me so much, from cleaning, doing laundry,and to having faith.
Yes he taught me how to clean. 
Till today, my husband cleans better and irons better than any woman I know.
 I was a mamas girl and my mom did everything for me. She did my laundry, the cleaning and even cooked. The only thing I cook to perfection is Mac and Cheese and Roman noodles. I’m not even kidding. I’m learning and the fact that he is still here and still willing to work in our marriage is only an act of God.
I still remember my first dinner. Burned ground beef, overdone spaghetti and an awesome brownie. (I CAN bake)
Needless to say I did my first load of laundry at 18 as a new wife and welcomed my hubby with tears in the bathroom ( also the laundry room) floor surrounded by 13 pink white shirts.
 Not fun at all.
To this day my husband helps with the cleaning of the house and laundry. 
 Even though I’m better now, I do still need help and he still does help!
In our church we work with marriages and we often hear young people say that they are not ready to get married, is too much work to people getting divorced because its too much work.
 I respect their opinions, and understand that the
word commitment most of the time makes us feel uncomfortable because being committed means pouring our sacred time into that one thing or in this case that one person and we are just not ready for that.
 Commitment takes time out of our days, our very short days, to invest in one person and its hard.
I have trouble with it on a weekly basis. As a mom of a toddler, a very busy toddler indeed I feel it.
And my forever partner gets the last of my time. The 15 minutes before I fall asleep or during dinner and there are times that we talked about the real things on text instead of sitting down and talking.
Simply because I put things in front of him.
I tell myself he can wait.
He’ll understand and don’t get me wrong he does, but does he really need to wait?
 Shouldn’t he be one of my first priorities?

I think so and what’s left of my year I want to focus on that. On putting him first. On celebrating us. Our love. Our story.
Our kids needs us, I understand but what kind of life am I building for my future, when my kids leave… I don’t want to be one of the marriages that divorces in their old age because they had a roommate for 18-21 years and then forgot how to love each other.
I want to constantly be in love, to try my best to look good for him, to go out on dates and do something as simple as holding hands.
I want to show him I love him and that my marriage and my commitment to him means the world to me.

We constantly say that God is the + in our equation, our answer to everything and the one reason we are still together. Because everything that we have is built on  that, our love and faith on God.
I honestly think that if it wasnt for our faith and God’s love statics would have won.
We would be divorce today and in separate paths.
Because loving when we are fine and dandy is easy, a piece of cake but loving in the worse situations is hard and it takes courage to choose to love.
Love is a choice.
As of today we have been married for 7 years.
Is everyday a walk in the park, a ray of sunshine?
Absolutely not!!

Do we argue? YES (Never in front of our daughter)
And as we grow in life, as things change I want to fall more in love with him daily.
I want to love him more…
That’s my decision, that’s my choice and my challenge.
We married under God and our marriage is a tribute to Him. To His glory. Our love is based and comes from Him.

So I ask you today what is you commitment? Who are you committed to?
And are you willing to make the change for your spouse?
I hope you do.. I hope to challenge you today to love your spouse first. To take the time to put them first and to choose to love them every single day.

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