October 11, 2016

Closet Remodel

OK lets talk closets.
I hate mine what about you?
My closet is a good size walking closet but not the  biggest closet there is, but how can I put it?….. Its an absolute mess.

OK where to start?
Maybe the fact that there is just on huge long stick to hang clothes and a shelve for shoes?
Maybe the bad lighting?
Or even the weird shape?
The point is that it doesn’t work for us. As much as we have tried to to make it our own and buy accessories to make it easier for us it just doesn’t work, and sadly it took me 5 years to figure it out.

So this is our plan.

In the next few weeks we will be changing it to fit us. To fit our needs.
-Putting more space for shoes because apparently we have a problem.
-Adding more shelves for basic tees
-Adding a space to hang my lovely bags and display my scarves.
-Lowering the rods because I’m vertically challenged
-Adding a second row of rods to one side of the closet
-Adding light, because God made light a long time ago and our closet did not get the memo
– Figuring out what to do with our awkward corner
-And maybe (if I can get the hubby to) take the ugly carpet out and put laminate with a cute rug.

Here are a few closets we are loving!

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How cleaver is this scarf  hanger
Love this! Small but useful.
Small Closets Tips and Tricks
Organized Living - closets-wall to wall sisal:
This has got to be my favorite
closet, closet, closet - Click image to find more Home Decor Pinterest pins:
Now this is me being realistic with the space I do have but for the sake of dreaming..lets dream!
Great use of dead space with hidden sponge cabinet located below kitchen sink. Hidden pull-out panel below kitchen sink housing kitchen sponges and accessories. 4038 312 1 Tracy Bocompani Kitchen Beko Definitely a good use of space! And now you won't have to see all those sponges lying around the sink.:
Patterned carpet v. solid ceiling & shelving + mirrored doors + center dresser + nice light fixture Would do this using a darker color so that it doesn't look so feminine or country:
Builder can I get a window in my closet please?!
Now back to reality. Ikea here we come!

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