October 5, 2016

"Mine" a toddlers favorite word

A few weeks ago Bella started to say, what continues to be her favorite word “Mine”.
Everything is “mine” from something so simple like a crayon to my phone and her favorite blanket the Declare and Believe blanket by Oobydoobybaby.
As a mom I like that she is bossy decisive and knows exactly what she wants ,but we do stop her more often than not with  ” it’s mine but I can let you borrow it” or “it’s yours but can I please use it”.
I know that may not be what a psychologist may say and after looking at many article online everyone has a different way to handle it, and that’s the best base of parenthood. Doing it your way! 
But as a daycare provider I  have to teach her that she has to share and to be amigable and a great friend and to be all that she will need to share her toys even if they are hers!
But as I watched Bella grab on to her blanket as hard as she could I couldn’t help to think of the way God grabs on to us and calls us His.

This post was sponsored by Oobydoobybaby. I received the item in this post in exchange for and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and Bella. 🙂

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