September 8, 2016

The day my daughter cried and I smiled

By the tittle of this post I’m sure many of you are thinking the day she was born but….
This day is a different day.
This day is a day where my 17 month old girl, never wanted to be that mom that counted by months, oops, cried and I mean real tears and all, and my mama heart smiled as big as the universe.
Well, lets get to the story.
On Sunday we headed to church like we do every Sunday. Walked in and the praise and worship had just started. We put our things down and began praising.
 Let me tell you a little back story, I have it in my heart and soul that my daughter will be something big in our church, in every church for that matter!


It may just be that in reality, that is every mom’s dream but on this one I just have a gut feeling.
Ever since she was born I feel that it’s been a battle that God has been fighting for her and that she is just so special in His eyes.
I know what you are thinking, everyone is special in God’s eyes but as her mom I just know there is something in her that is for God’s glory!
But, going back to the story we sang our hearts out and it was done.
She went to her nursery class and Lester and I stayed to listen to the preaching. Once it was finished we continued on about our day and picked her up from the nursery and started to make our way out to our car.
Our church has 2 morning services and one afternoon, so as we were leaving the other service started. As we got to the main entrance Lester mentioned of taking a picture of Bella and I so “tried” to carry her and well lets just say I failed big time as she didn’t want to be carried.
We procceded to go out side of the temple and take a picture outside but Bella was just not having it.
I told Lester that it was probably the fact that she didn’t have a morning nap and again tried to carry my screaming, crying child.

There were actual tears, not that fake crying all of us moms know.

This time I carried her because we needed to leave, we had errand to run and a family brunch and my 1 and a half year old (better!) child continued crying.
At this time were are outside of the church and as people are going in we were heading out and it had been about 5-6 minutes of this and we had no idea why she was still crying and just not wanting to walk.
Lester, as the level headed parent in our house, suggested we put her down and see what she really wanted.
I put her down and she ran back to the church’s door. We just looked at each other and smiled.
We explained to her that we were on a hurry and had to leave but that we would be back on Tuesday and she could praise then. But no, as soon as we grabbed her hand and headed to the car it started again, clue the crying circus.
As parents, we know there are things we should say no and honestly we try our best to stand our ground but on this, on this there was really no way to tell her no.
This is our answered prayer.
A child that loves church.
This is what we prayed for when first found out about our pregnancy and now this girl was crying to go back in and enjoy another minute in God’s presence.
This tiny human being loves it.
 She, with out being told, praises God, raises her hand in worship and says Amen when we are done praying.
I thank god every day for her life, for everything that she has brought us and what she has yet to bring.
For teaching me that I’m made for His glory and that I’m his favorite and most perfected work!

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  • jodicarless

    What a sweet story! God will use her big! It's nice that you and your hubby were in tune to her needs. Keep shining for Him!

    September 8, 2016 at 4:27 pm Reply
  • Maria Estrada

    Aaww 😍

    September 8, 2016 at 5:21 pm Reply
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