September 21, 2016

Mom Confessions!


Every once in a while I need to spill my guts and why not jot them and make you feel better! 🙂

1.I honestly feel like I have a teenager. She gives me attitude about everything. Like throws herself down and grabs her knees like “I can’t believe you are doing this to me”
2. Hence the fact why she chooses her daddy over me in a heartbeat. He lets her get away with EVERYTHING, and I secretly love it!

3. Every once in a while I wish there was a drive-thru for everything.
4. Been thinking alot about baby #2 and panicking about not getting enough milk like what happened with Bella.
5. Realizing I’m not even ready to have another baby. Bella still sleeps in our bed and the fact that I’m terrified to pass 38 weeks pregnant.
6. Bella now waves her finger and says “kno kno kno ” to anything she doesn’t want. Just like me

7.She claps her hands to get my attention just like I do to her.
8. Before becoming a mom I loved to paint my nails and now I hate it! With a passion. So much that if my toes are not done I only paint the ones that will show with a heel. Embarrassing I know!
9. No wonder why I love to get them done and why they are always done.
10. Got my first gray hair at the age of 19. Genes. So I color my hair black often. Which may change soon as I’m thinking of getting lighter. 
11.Been drinking 2 cups of expresso in the am. In a big HUGE cup.
12. Cant wait to go on vacation to Guatemala. One that I may go by myself since the hubby and Bella dont have passaports yet.
13. Need to loose 10-15 lbs before going on vacaction but ate 2 slices of pizza on Sunday. Sure the pounds will just melt in the Texas heat. 

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