September 29, 2016

Goodbye Summer of 2016

Whether you are a fan of summer or not kids tend to change our prespetive in everything.

I’m not a fan of summer, I dont know if its the fact that Texas summers are nothing short of 100 degrees but this summer was one of my favorites and one for the books.

Bella was walking and able to enjoy alot more things.
Its bitter sweet as this was the only summer of her being 1 if that makes sense, but this girl makes any stage fun!
So here is to remembering this summer forever.
The Beach
We have been to the beach with before when Bella was 9 months in a cruise but never in our backyard, Galveston. Not to say that we let her go in the actual water but she did get to splash around and get wet.

The Pool and splash pad
We also made a few trips to the pool and man did she love it.
The first day she actually got in she was very unsure about it but by the second time she was a pro. She was even wanting to let go and splash a little. Next summer we will be working on her swimming. I learned how to swim by 2 and we plan to teach her soon too.
Our neighboorhood also has a very nice splash pad and somehow every trip to the park ended in the splash pad. Again the 100 degree thing.

The Zoo
Our zoo is about 45 min from our house but we got the season pass and have gone a few times.
Bella loves. every. single .animal but the petting zoo is definitely her favorite part.

Other fun activities
Last summer she didnt get to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks but this year she was mesmerized and a bit bored too. haha!
We welcome a new family member, hanged out in our backyard, had tons of family dinner and trips to the mall.

Sorry for the picture galore!

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