August 9, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hey Guys! Hope you all had wonderful weekend! I know we did except the part were I go super sick.
We had a few plans for the weekend and are happy to report most of them actually got done. The most important being our family pictures. We finally got them done a year and a half later and I could not be happier with the results.


I wish we had got them done earlier but it never happened. Honestly my fault and I can be sure that next pregnancy and baby it will be done completely different.

But it got check of our list with only 3 hours of sleep from Friday to Saturday. How fun!
  I will post picture on Wednesday.

After the pictures we got a quick lunch and headed home. We had to go get the hubbys care from the mechanic and I heard this podcast all the way back! I love their story and follow them on Instagram through the whole adoption process.
Last minute we decided to have a small family dinner at the house with the in laws and after a market run we were set.
Oh and guys quick tip.. Swim diapers are only for the pool.
We had planned to go to the pool after picking up the car and decided last minute to run to the store and lets just say Bella did a nice little number in the shopping cart while we were leaving. We had a nice little track of pee all the way to the car. Oh man this first time mom thing never ends.
But got her changed and finally made our way to the pool for a whole 45 minutes because this heat is just too much to handle.

So after a few more freckles for me,two really nice tans for daddy and Bella  and two snow cones (YUM) we headed home.
Took showers and took a very long nap.
And because no dinner is done without a tasty little dessert I made a quick little run to the store again to pick up some  cookies and ice cream and made delicious little treats!
Even better I added a few little toppings around  them and lets just say we finish the whole pack of  cookies!

On Sunday we went to church and I was too lazy to take a picture after lunch. I feel asleep at 3:00 and didn’t wake up until 9 thanks to my amazing husband and mom that took Bella.
Woke up to take some medicine, work on a blanket and went back to sleep.
So the weekend finally caught up to me and lets just say my body feels it today.
All in all it was a great weekend and as always anytime we spend time together is a WIN in my books!
Hope you all had an amazing time too!

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