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August 2016

August 16, 2016

Weekend Recap and celebrating our guy!

Well it Tuesday but…. Let’s say its Monday!
We had a busy weekend and the 3.5 hours of sleep Sunday night was just the tip of the iceberg.
Don’t know if it was the teething and the fact that allergens are super bad in Texas now, hence my voice being gone for more than a week, but we made it to Tuesday!

Getting back to the weekend, it was daddy’s birthday and man did we have fun!
  We love this man so much and he makes our life so much better.   
We are super BLESSED to call him ours!
He is older and wiser and definitely the love of our lives.
On Saturday we ran some errands and of course we had to get coffee while we looked for daddy’s gift. He ended up changing his mind about what he wanted, so we looked for something else!

 That night we had my in-laws over for a fun birthday dinner and for the first time ever no cake baking on my part! Husband wanted a cheesecake for COSTCO!
A first in our house! 

Sunday (his actual birth day) morning we had big plans of going to the water park and spending some time with some friends but the weather had other things in mind! It rained and rained so we went out to eat breakfast with the family and did some more shopping! Our kind of fun!!

All in all we had fun and enjoyed spending some time with our guy!
He will be having surgery this Friday so this time was amazing. I can’t believe that I met him 10 years ago and he is even more handsome now!
We love you daddy and can’t wait to spend more years with you!

August 11, 2016

Texas Summer

Hey Guys! happy Thursday.
Summer is almost over and I couldn’t be happier. Summers in Texas are excessively hot and humid so we are OVER IT!
Can’t wait for cooler weather butttt.. guess what?? In Texas summer last until December 25th. No lie I remember so many Christmas using short sleeves on Christmas eve!
  But while it last we try to enjoy it at it fullest since Bella will only be 15 months one time.
How do we do it?
Here are some tips!
1. Hang out in our swing in the AM.
2. Stay at the pool and drink lots of POWERADE. (And snow cones)
3. Splad pads all day!
4. Afternoon car rides (walks) 
5.. As always eat lots and lots of cupcakes!
6.  Use the best sunscreen. We choose this one!
We love it!

Hope this helps a little if you are in Texas or in the south!

Tomorrow is Friyay!!

August 10, 2016

Family Photo Favorites!

I’m over the moon excited about our family photo session. It was a boas to finally take some  pictures that we could cherish and enjoy for a lifetime to come.

They all didn’t turn out as I expected but guys taking pictures with a kid is no joke! Props to all those mamas with multiple kids that take amazing pictures, but here are my favorites from that day!!

This one is my favorite! These two love each other so much!

This picture is me! I spend most of my days laughing and if there was ever a picture that could describe me it would totally be this one!
If you guys have any tips on taking pictures with kids I’m all ears!
Bella spent the whole morning only wanting Daddy, pulling her headbands and walking off! 
We were the show of the park!
Will post the out-takes just for fun later!

August 9, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hey Guys! Hope you all had wonderful weekend! I know we did except the part were I go super sick.
We had a few plans for the weekend and are happy to report most of them actually got done. The most important being our family pictures. We finally got them done a year and a half later and I could not be happier with the results.


I wish we had got them done earlier but it never happened. Honestly my fault and I can be sure that next pregnancy and baby it will be done completely different.

But it got check of our list with only 3 hours of sleep from Friday to Saturday. How fun!
  I will post picture on Wednesday.

After the pictures we got a quick lunch and headed home. We had to go get the hubbys care from the mechanic and I heard this podcast all the way back! I love their story and follow them on Instagram through the whole adoption process.
Last minute we decided to have a small family dinner at the house with the in laws and after a market run we were set.
Oh and guys quick tip.. Swim diapers are only for the pool.
We had planned to go to the pool after picking up the car and decided last minute to run to the store and lets just say Bella did a nice little number in the shopping cart while we were leaving. We had a nice little track of pee all the way to the car. Oh man this first time mom thing never ends.
But got her changed and finally made our way to the pool for a whole 45 minutes because this heat is just too much to handle.

So after a few more freckles for me,two really nice tans for daddy and Bella  and two snow cones (YUM) we headed home.
Took showers and took a very long nap.
And because no dinner is done without a tasty little dessert I made a quick little run to the store again to pick up some  cookies and ice cream and made delicious little treats!
Even better I added a few little toppings around  them and lets just say we finish the whole pack of  cookies!

On Sunday we went to church and I was too lazy to take a picture after lunch. I feel asleep at 3:00 and didn’t wake up until 9 thanks to my amazing husband and mom that took Bella.
Woke up to take some medicine, work on a blanket and went back to sleep.
So the weekend finally caught up to me and lets just say my body feels it today.
All in all it was a great weekend and as always anytime we spend time together is a WIN in my books!
Hope you all had an amazing time too!
August 5, 2016

Homemade… From a box

We love cupcakes, hence our blog name, and even more when its an easy cupcake recipe.

Homemade recipes are wonderful  but we don’t always have the time to sift the flour.
So if you feel the same way keep on reading.

This recipe is so simple that I kind of feel silly posting it but is something that I get asked a lot and something that many people don’t do.
 You can do it with your favorite brand of box cake mix and to me it all depends on what’s on sale that day. Whether Betty or Duncan it comes out tasting amazing.

Tip: If you are making a cake with a fruit filling Duncan is the way to go in my opinion.
Forget all the steps that are MANDATORY to make a homemade cake taste and rise. Through everything in the mixer except…..

Switch the oil for butter, cold butter and add a teaspoon of vanilla and that is.
The cold butter makes the cupcake taste moist and full of deliciousness and the vanilla just kicks it over the top.
Bake it as you normally would and put it in a pretty paper liner.

I love to make Italian Merengue, but again it takes time and multiple steps and for a Wednesday afternoon its definitely too too much. So we used the regular icing but made it in to a yummy looking ganache by taking the aluminum off, completely, and putting in the microwave for 15 seconds.
The icing comes in shiny, beautiful and really yummy.

We dipped the cupcakes in the icing container. No mess, no spatula, or the little cool knife that bakers use to spread icing.
Sprinkle sprinkles . and call it a day!

And of course yo have to have a cutie pie like this one to bathe in eat the chocolate and you have a fast, delicious cupcake recipe to celebrate Friday is almost here!