August 31, 2016

My Blogger Reality

I have always wanted to blog.
To talk about my life freely.
I work from home, so the need to talk runs through my veins 1000 miles per second.
During my day I teach colors, shapes and work as a doctor kissing boo-boos so not much gets out.
So the whole blogging world fascinated me in a huge way.
 Now, I’m not the best writer and the fact that English is my second language always held me back.
But then I became a mom..
And something that I have always wanted to do for my kids was leave them a story, a story of us.
I grew up in Cuba and we don’t have many pictures or videos of us growing up, so most of our memories come from stories that our parents tell us but as time passes they forget and so will we.

Insert blogging.
 Such a useful tool.
A story with pictures just for my baby to see and read.
To read about the simp adventures and the extraordinary ones too!

But then it hit me..
 When I use to look at many bloggers they always have the perfect clean house, the have the best behaved kids, the fanciest clothes and every picture is like out of a magazine, so I held back and waited to have all my peas in a line.

Until I read Natalie’s blogging course.
That was the push I needed, even more it reminded me that my niche is my family, that I want to talk about our lifestyle, that I want to embrace the mom in me and my family.
That if want to blog, it has to be me..
That if I’m interested in having a readership, I have to be genuine and write

Which means that my child is nowhere near being the best behaved kid, in fact she is a ball of sass, attitude and every once in a while a tantrum is bound to happen and that’s perfectly OK!

Which means that as I write this I have a washer and a dryer full of clothes waiting to be taken out and put away that will get done soon or maybe they’ll go on another ride, if you know what I mean.

Which means that our coffee table only does is purpose when we have people over, other than that it sits nicely in front of the fireplace.

Which means that I may not have the body I desire and that my hair doenst always get styled  but I’m working on it!
Which means that my house is not the tidiest home ever and that there are days that my living room looks more like it was hit by a hurricane and I’m just fine with that.So this, this right here is my blogger reality. Because I will choose to enjoy TODAY. 
So welcome to my blogger reality!
Hope you stay a while.

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