August 1, 2016

Hello August!

Hello August!
So happy you are here!!
August in Texas is probably the hottest month of the year but in my books it means that we celebrate Lester’s (the husband) birthday and…….
That CHRISTMAS is 4 months away!!!
Cooler weather and is coming.
Anyone else over summer?
I’m so over the horrible heat.
I bet all of the summer loving people never lived in Texas or move up for the summer.
Sorry summer lovers.
This year August means a little more for me, as I have set super high goals for it.
Goals that I want to revisit at the end of the month and share with you guys my results to keep myself accounted for.
So lets get started…
Blog Weekday
Blogging is something very, very new for me and something that I want to work on a daily basis.
I want it to become our journal. Something that we can look back on and enjoy and honestly so far I love it and have a few post ready to post.
Create a schedule
Work on having a schedule set up. Post I want to share, ideas, thoughts and small shops.
Work on Fall and Winter release
I love crafting and creating beautiful accessories and my little shop allows me to do that.
I have been very bless to get a little bit of orders here and there but this month I want to work on actually growing my shop. Sending samples and photo-shooting all of our new releases.
Read more my bible and wake early to pray. Have a time set for praying.
Start exercising. Continue on getting fit and becoming more comfortable with my body post baby.
Not that I have any or think I can… but work on getting new clothes and boots!!
Do you have goals for this now month?

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