August 24, 2016

2 years ago


Two years ago we announced that our little family was growing. I was about 10 weeks and we had no idea we were going to be adding a sweet, sweet, girl.
It flew by. I remember exactly what I felt telling our families. I remember telling Lester and even more special telling him we were expecting a girl.
A sweet girl who is our life, a crazy little girl that fills our day with love and joy.
We had told our families and when it came to sharing with our friends we knew Facebook was the way to go!

I fell so overly blessed by God with this darling. She is more than I could ever imagine. She is a busy bee, super hyper, over the top happy. She spends her days singing and praising God.
How did you announce that your were expecting?
If haven’t do you have an idea of how you will do it? Would love to hear your ideas!
Happy Wednesday! It’s almost Friday!

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