May 15, 2018

Chemical Free Laundry Scent Booster

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I’m all about saving money and I have mentioned it on here before but something I don’t skimp on is my family’s health. I made the switch to essential oils about 8 months ago and has saved my life and a few bucks too!

Im still learning but I wanted to answer one of the most asked questions I get.

What else do you use them for?

Let me be very honest, the oils are not cheap. I think that’s the main reason it took me so long to finally sign up. Now 8 months later I regret that decision full heartedly. I wish I had done it sooner! They don’t work like the oils you buy at the store! Most people make the mistake of buying them and thinking they’ll work the same way! They dont!

There are so many ways to use them that I couldn’t possibly list them in one post, but I today I want to share just one of their many uses aside from diffusing,

Laundry Scent Booster.

I make a huge batch and it lasts me up to 3 weeks or more and the cost is about $1.50 or less for the batch. Since I use the oils for other areas in my home it would be a bit difficult to calculate the exact amount but I’m very positive is even less than that!

Here is what you need:

An airtight container like this one or this.(comes in a set of 2) Great deal!

15 Drops of the Essential oils of your choice. (I use Lemon and Purification)

2 cups of Epsom Salts ( you can get yours at your local store cheaper)

1/2 cup of Baking Soda  (Great Price) I also use this for my carpet cleaner!

That is it!

Check the video below for the instructions and feel free to comment below or email me if you have any questions!

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, you can click here to order your kit today! If you want more info I would love to add to our Facebook group!

May 3, 2018

Refresh yours Space: Fast and Easy

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In my last post I shared some summer ideas for your kids, but as much as I want it to be summer, it is still spring.

In Texas spring brings great weather accompanied by a lot of cleaning and allergies.  The weather is usually the highlight of our days but this year I’m just dreaming of summer. Maybe is the fact that I work a lot less or that allergy season is not as bad.

Who am I kidding, is the cleaning!

We moved into an older home about 6 months ago (what!) and there is about 1000 more sqft to clean and organize if not more. I wish I was that type A personality that loves to clean but I’m not! I do try my best to maintain my home cleaned so when Babble Boxx sent me this Refresh Your Space box I was pretty excited! The box contained pretty amazing items and one that did not fit the actual box!

Mosquito Joe


This is life.

You see my sweet daughter? Mosquitos see her too and literally eat her up! My husband and she,  suffer from the same issue! Going outside is just very hard for them. I have to be honest I was a little skeptical about it working! I even schedule the appointment almost 2 weeks before actually posting making sure I give you all a review worth your time. I’m very happy to report this product it’s completely worth it! I’ve had a few people ask me about them and I have is praise! We still put our homemade bug spray but I can definitely tell the difference.

Use code BUZZONLINE to get $25 off your first service:

Krud Kutter:

Did I mention we moved into an older home? Our home is 20 years old and even though our kitchen was renovated we have a gas grill that came with the home right smack in the middle of our backyard! We don’t use this grill but it’s important that it’s clean! Both the Heavy Duty Cleaner and Disinfectant and Kitchen Degreaser All-Purpose Cleaner took all the gunk out!

Scrub Daddy: The Scrub Daisy Dishwand System

I love having fresh flowers in my kitchen and this wand takes it to a whole new level. #SPRINGFEVER It’s 3 separate wands and all just as cute and useful! The plus side it saves my hands from all the scrubbing!

Waterpik: WaterSense Showerhead

This is our second Waterpik shower head and we love them! It brings spring showers to a whole new level. As a mom, this is my me time and I enjoy it to the fullest.

Duck Brand: Duck Pack & Track

I wish I had these when we were moving and after Christmas! It’s pretty much genius! I’m using mine to store all of Bella’s old clothes and toys! One day I’m going to need them and well I don’t want to go through the whole attic looking for them! I’m also thinking of sticking one on my phone and my husbands phone and download the app on both phones in case we lose one we can just check the app on the other phone! We may just encounter a problem if we lose both!

Click here to so how it works.

Westcott Carbo Scissors

On my free time, I love to sew and I’m very picky with my scissors and their upkeep! Now there is always someone who uses them for regular use because there are just sharper and better, but with these, it will not happen again! I love them. They can cut anything and everything! I am indeed keeping them high because Bella is in the stage of hair cutting and well yeah, we don’t want that!

Get your pair here!

What products are you loving this season?

April 28, 2018

Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

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Guys summer is almost here! I can hardly believe it, but it will be here before we know it! As much as I would love to spend all of our time outside Texas temperature don’t always allow us to. So we find activities to do inside during the hot peek hours and today I’m bringing you a few. This can all work with kids up to 10 years old.

Snazaroo™ Brush Pen

flower, face painting

Bella loved this! She asked me to draw a dinosaur, a princess, a crown and a puppy but mama lacks drawing skills so a flower looking paw-print had to be it! But guess what?she loved it anyways! I love it because is easily washed off and it didn’t irritate her skin whatsoever! There are 12 colors to choose from that can take them anywhere their imagination does!She asked for a zebra next time so white and black stripes will be on her face! #momoftheyear.

Visit Snazaroo™ website to learn more and get yours before the summer starts.

Dinosaurs Living in My Hair Books

books, summer fun summer fun


Here is where she got the idea that mom could draw a dinosaur! lol, Dinosaurs Living in My Hair Books and Dinosaurs Living in My Hair Books 2 are both adorable and filled with imagination. As a parent, this is key when picking books! These books kept her entertained for such a long time! She stood on her tower pretending to read them and playing with the dinosaur PEZ. I can see ourselves sitting in the playroom reading these all throughout the summer.

You can order yours here and use code FREESHIP to get free shipping on your order!

PEZ Jurassic World Collection

#summer #dinosaur

This was the first thing Bella grabbed from the box! She was just astonished at the fact that they dispense candy! It was our first time eating PEZ. PEZ takes me back to my childhood! I use to love collecting them and I even stole one for old times and saved the other one for my now 21-year-old brother, who watched Jurrasic Park about 100384 times when he was little! Good old times!

Check all of them out here!

Sprout Crispy Chews

We received 2 flavors of these and each one so so good! I may have eaten a few. I love that they look like gummies and I can give them to Bella and she’ll never notice! They are filled with a full serving of fruits and veggies! Even more, they are even packed like gummies, yet are plant-powered and just plain delish! Our, mine too, favorite was Orchard Fruit & Carrot check out their website and tell me which one you want to try!


Zenni Optical Kids Glasses

Lastly, were these  Zenni glasses kind of as a prep for school! I’m thankful Bella doesn’t use glasses but I know of many little ones who need them! Summer is a great opportunity to get your kids a check-up and get this done before school starts! As adults, I choose glasses for their looks and durability because #momlife and I love that Zenni glasses fit all of those! They have a ton of colors to choose from and are durable!

Check this video to learn more!

I will be back next week with more inside activities! I hope you like all of these!

April 25, 2018

The Perfect Little White Dress

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white dress, summer and spring dress

Hey Dolls!!

Every week we patiently, and sometimes not so patiently, wait for the weekend. The time we dedicate to our loved one and everything and everyone we neglected since Monday’s alarm went off.  As much as I have tried not to live for the weekend, I must say it’s pretty hard and the saddest thing is that most of the time it flies by!

little girl, smiling


Now, every once in a while we get one of those magical weekends and last weekend was one of them. I think we just get to a stage in life that we just enjoy the little things so much more. When we are younger we tend to always be in a rush and the fastest we can go the better. Which always leaves us missing all of life’s beauty! And then we get that spark, that reminds us to stop and look around and just enjoy this season! This moment just as it is! The last-minute unplanned trip will just give you a new perspective on your day!

This weekend we woke up late, I got a much-needed pedicure and manicure and the rest was spent as a family, you know just the best kind of fun!

We made a quick and definitely unplanned trip down to the coast and back on the same day, an outdoor mall with the grandparents and a very late dinner. We finished our weekend off with a lot of God and even a Sunday afternoon nap! Just the sweetest time!

On Sunday I finally got to wear this dress that has been sitting in my closet for the last 3 weeks, and guess what? I loved it even more on!


It’s such a perfect dress for spring and even summer. For cooler mornings and evening, you can add a sweater or a jean jacket and still look amazing! Best this is under $25! Yes under $25 !

Dress/ Shoes (wait for a deal or check these out)

Tip: For shoes, I have been going to JCPenny more since they have a lot of sales and $10 off $15 purchase.

Hope you love it as much as I do and be on the look it for more big savings on Spring and Summer outfits!

April 11, 2018

Please Stop Cursing in Front of My Child

Hey guys!

Well, this post may be a bit controversial but it has been on my mind for a while and as much as I don’t like to be negative it has to be said!

I have been very clear in all my channels about my I’m Christianity. It’s part of my name and who I choose to be. We lead a Christ-filled life that also takes us, as a family, to make certain decisions on how we handle our selves.

For Example, we don’t do anything Halloween. We don’t go out dancing, we don’t drink and we don’t curse. We are not perfect nor do we pretend to be and as parents and I’m sure we are making a ton of mistakes too, but we try our best to be kind and keep to ourselves!

Now, lets got back to the cursing, we made the choice to not even allow Bella to wonder about curse words. I, personally, don’t think they are needed. I know one day she’ll stumble upon them and we will explain and remind her that we don’t use such words. I also understand, that not every parent chooses to do that and respect it. Don’t get me wrong I strongly disagree, but it’s not my child nor my place to tell any parent what’s wrong or right!

It does become my problem when people choose to talk like that in a public setting where there are kids. Now that gets me angry, like super angry. This has happened to us twice in the last few weeks. Both times we have been  in a public setting, with more the 6 kids around and a grown-up man, not a child or even a teen, a misbehaved adult cursing like a pirate, and guess to whom?? To his wife and teen!!

Let me be clear, in both situations, it was an adult, a parent mind you, using offensive language and being very loud. I could go on to say that both were drunk, both obviously had something going on but that would just serve as an excuse, which I will not give them.

We tried to go on about our dinner, but it was just too much vulgarity. When our waiter came we asked him to move us to another table and that was the end of it, at least for us. We enjoyed a very nice dinner and left satisfied.

But the problem remains. It remains in our kids. It remained in the other 5 kids who were sitting around this person. It shows our kids a lack of respect. It shows our kids that getting mad and saying 4820424 curse words is acceptable. That abusing others verbally is acceptable. That calling people names is completely fine.  And then we sit and wonder why teens are committing suicide due to bullying, why there is so much violence now, why have times changed?

You know why?

Because there is a man or a woman that needs a bar of soap in the mouths again! Because there is a mom or a dad that just compared their child, partner to a piece of waste. Because we have lost all respect to those around us.

Like I said above, it’s completely up to you as a person or parent, but please keep in mind those around you, keep kids in mind, keep our teens in mind. They are our tomorrow, our hope and our world!

I could go on all day, but this is the reality.

In what world do you want your child to grow in? We work endless hours for them, we changed everything about us for them, let’s take that extra step and teach them!

Let us teach the to respect and love others.