June 18, 2018

3 Tips for a Tantrum Free Outing

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One of the biggest tips I received when I become a mom was to never force my daughter to eat. It was fine in my books until Bella refused every meal we would give her! Literally, every meal but we were still ok since we were breastfeeding. When we made the switch to milk we encounter a huge problem. She only wanted warm milk. When we were home there was no issue but when we were out and about with a toddler who only wanted milk and warm milk at that there was our issue.

She would cry until she had a warm bottle and it was a rough transition. A transition we could not find a solution and it got even harder when we made our first trip out of the country.

How were we going to have warm milk readily available for her in Guatemala? We had planned to visit a few places and this was very new to me, as Cuban. After talking it out to our family we decided to go with powder milk and as Hispanics, there is no other than NESTLÉ® NIDO®.

We had a great time in Guatemala and it was amazing getting to shop at their national stores and be able to buy NIDO®.

In the US we continued usingNIDO® and use it till today! I carry the small canister in my bags at all time and refill it as soon as I get home. Even though Bella is now a 3-year-old, she still chooses milk over any other meal! Even over chicken nuggets or ice cream! So as a mom with a toddler what are my 3 trips so have a tantrum-free outing?

  1. Still calm as a parent. This is key. Children imitate everything they see so if we lose our patience they will too.
  2. Always have a stroller or a wagon to pull them in. We never leave home with our Chicco stroller. If your child is older a wagon will work great. It keeps them in place and gives us as parents enough control to help them.
  3. Have some NIDO® in hand. This is something else that we never leave home without and when I have sadly forgotten to refill it you can always find me at a local store buying another can of it. NIDO 1+ also contains vitamins and minerals which help support healthy growth and development and has a delicious honey taste kids love

This 3 tips may be the easiest and most overthought tips ever but they work amazingly for us and have helped us keep tantrums at bay when on a special outitng! As a family, we try to enjoy the outdoors and to spend time together as a family as most as possible and having a few tips to keep the tantrums away make our time together even more special. I also love that I can leave a can at both grandmas houses and I know Bella will always have her milk close by!

Have you tried NIDO®?

If not I invite you to visit your local Walmart and buy a can! It’s a brand I trust and love!

June 15, 2018

Making Guatemalan Chimol! aka the best salsa EVER!

Temperatures warm enough for ya’ll?  I don’t know where you live but Texas is getting warmer and warmer! We have been a degree or two from reaching the 3 digit temps so you can bet we are enjoying the mornings out and evenings in! Which brings to the next best thing of summer, grilling! This is probably my favorite part of summer, with all the fresh fruits and veggies!

Thankfully, about a month ago we finished the construction of our backyard patio and, gosh, we have been out there so much! It keeps the heat away but unfortunately not the mosquitos. Insert worried face because Bella is made of sugar! Not even kidding. We go from the house to the car and she has 3 more bites! So this week, we moved the party inside and had a little picnic while daddy was at work!  It’s all in the little things right!


Bella loved it as usual and well the husband grew up eating it too. She loves meat and ketchup, she calls everything red, but this is no ketchup, this is your new favorite salsa, believe me! It’s so fresh and gives meat just the best kick.

This is my mother-in-law’s recipe, and it has been in their family for years! It’s a tradition for Guatemalans and my little Guatemalan girl loves it and always finds a way to get it all over her. This month I’m teaming up withKleenex® Wet Wipes Gentle Clean and VIVA® Paper Towels  to clean up the mess not only in the kitchen but off our faces too all found at your closest Kroger.  I love that it comes in a pack of 24 just perfect to clean up how messy we get eating this yummy salsa!  The are the perfect mix between  thick and soft and my favorite part chemical free! As far a VIVA  there is nothing much I can say about them that I haven’t said before! I love VIVA, one towel really does the work, making cleaning a breeze. I love an easy recipe that can be cleaned up fast with the right products!



But enough talk here is the recipe and hope you guys love this little piece of Guatemala as much as I do.

Chimol Recipe


1- Tomato

1- Bunch of Cilantro

1/2 an onion

1 lemon

*This serving is for about 3 people.

What makes this recipe different is that the tomatoes must be grilled. It gives is another flavor believe me!  After they are done, place them in the blender and blend! We tend to leave it chunky but you can blend it a bit more if that’s not your thing! We add the chopped cilantro and onions, salt and lemon to taste!

Place it in a cute bowl and it’s done!

Bella uses it as a dip, and double dips every chip and slice of meat, and we pour it on top of ours!

Try it and tell me how you like it and dont forget to pick up the new Kleenex® Wet Wipes Gentle Clean and to make your summer grilling and just life in general much easier pick up a pack of of VIVA® Paper Towels.

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Go for it and make your summer amazing!!



June 11, 2018

Trend Spin Linkup- Summer Style

#romper, Skirt, Summer fashion, trend linkup

Hey Y’all!

Summer is here and so are the hot temperatures especially in the South. Texas gets hotter and hotter and summers tend to last a bit longer than usual.

So I’m finding it hard to find pieces other than shorts and a tee. So thankful for maxi dresses and rompers.

#summerfashion, #romper, #trend, maxiskirt

Romper: Ross (Sleeve less Option, Similar , Love the color on this one, with an eyelet top)

Sandals: No longer available (Similar and on sale!!, I need to go back for these)

We took a short trip to the beach last month and I went on a quick trip to my go to stores to find a few dresses or rompers and I found this beauty!!

I love it and I’m secretly looking for more styles and patterns!

I love that it’s super versatile! It’s the perfect outfit for any mom. I can bend down to pick up my toddler in the middle of a tantrum without any problem and still look fashionable enough for a day out on the town.

And guys I promised  I’m looking for an at home tanning lotion or spray or something to make me look a bit summer ready! #pastywhite #neverinstyle

I’m excited to join Laura and Erin in their weekly Trend Spin Linkup and I hope you can join us too.


Walking in Memphis | The Fashion Canvas | With Love Claudia

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Accessories from last week’s linkup!

Add your link below and make sure to follow the theme for your chance to be featured on our blogs.

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June 11, 2018

Bella Update: 3 years old

It’s so hard to even type that I have a 3-year-old baby girl! One who is still my sweet baby girl, but every day acts more like a big girl!

Most of the time she wants to have Lester and me in the same room and needs us to be with her but just acknowledges our presence. She does not need our help whatsoever.#toddler, #bellais3 #teddybear

She is the kindest human being but has the attitude of a 16-year-old girl! (asking God for help 24/7)

She take the phrase daddy’s girl to a whole new level.

Daddy makes her day.

She could live at the park, sliding in her favorite yellow slide.

Her straight hair is no longer there, all curls now.

Says she wants to be a barbie doctor when she grows up.

Still sleeps with us, working hard on this.

Is miss independent.

Cannot be alone in the restroom if you know what I mean, haha, she needs a hug every time. (haha)



Wears a size 7/8 on shoes but is usually wearing a 9/10. #cutechubbyfeet

Loves to sing everything she is doing.

Still in love with her titi (bottle)

She is the light of our world! Challenges me every day to be better and to always look at things differently. I love you baby girl and I don’t know what we did before you. You bring laughter to everyone and you love to give hugs!

Lately, your new thing is talking about Jesus and how He is your Jesus. I gotta say nothing warms my heart more than that!! Is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!

Can’t wait to see you grow and change this world as I know only you can! Love you to pieces!! As you grow, I always want to remember you as my baby. My sweet girl! The one that made me a mom, the one that I can’t stop thinking about and worrying about too! I don’t know if it’s your adventurous spirit or how independent you are but I love both of those qualities!

June 7, 2018

Summer Hair, dont care!

This post is sponsored by Dove Hair Care but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


Summer is here and is here to stay!

So are shorts, dresses and a lot of sweating! I’m not a summer person, if you are in Texas you probably are not either. haha.

The heat here is no joke, but we make each summer the best summer of our lives! We go to the zoo, enjoy being outside and spend tons of afternoons/ evenings at the park.

Nonetheless this year for the first time in my life I decided to start exercising. Yes, you read right! I’m usually the person that has never exercise in her entire life, but this year my body and health needed. Plus guys, I’m almost 30 and well there is no going back once you hit 30, or so I heard.

I signed up for Camp Gladiator and if you follow me on IG you have probably seen my stories at 5:05 in the morning with my mat and dumbells! I will share more about the camp in another post, but when I leave there I’m deranged in sweat! Every inch of my body is sweating, well my hair is not able to do the 7-day hair trick anymore. You can read more about that here.

So I’ve had to go au natural! I do this every summer and well this summer started doing it very early!

I’ll explain! I’m not a fan of putting so much heat in my hear but my curly lion mane has other plans most of the year. I try, TRY to look prestable and my mane won’t do! So I straighten or curl my hair once a week when I wash it, but if I do the same thing during summer I would honestly be bald. Not that I even have the time to straighten my long and full hair, so I wear it as natural as possible!

Like I stated above, I do live in Texas and the humidity is one of my biggest mood killers. My hair gets big, like Texas big but not so pretty. So, when Dove contacted me to try out their new Shampoo and conditioner I had to say yes! Dove is known for keeping moisture on the skin and hair and this new shampoo stood by its name! I loved how it made my hair feel! After so much damage from the cooler months and my handy dandy straightener/ wand when I dont use them I want the little product I do use to replenish my hair the most possible.

I have always used this Dove mousse and added to my routine the shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray! You can shop all Dove items here!

The hairspray keeps my curls soft yet keeps all the humidity at bay.

All the tips!

  1. Don’t use a towel to dry your hair. It creates tons of frizz
  2. Use shampoos that let you conserve a few your natural oils, like DOVE
  3. Brush your hair as soon as you get our of the shower. Many say dont but for me its a must!
  4. Mousse is your best friend, but dont over use it!
  5. If you live in a humid area dont forget the hairspray.

I will be sharing a video on how I get these curls on Wedsnday so stay toned!